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Nature Study in Godong Ijo

Dozens of children seen surrounded tortoise pen giant land located behind the Godong Ijo Cafe has not been this long. Godong Ijo itself is a tourist area of ornamental plants which are located in Jalan Raya Cinangka Km 10 No. 60, Serua, Sawangan, Kota Depok.

Children of primary school age (SD) was seen engrossed the turtle who reputedly the largest in the world. Some of them have tried to hold the shell turtle is. There is also a rub-Wipe the turtle is.

Although surrounded, turtles are not felt destroyed behavior by children. As though the turtle understand that children do not intend evil.

Finance and Administration Manager Godong Ijo Jane Nadaek explain, other than the tortoise, python is in the sights of management is also reputedly the largest in the world.

"Children who come here do not see or simply watch the animals, but can also touch. There are instructors who give referrals," he said.

"Interaction with the reptiles is to improve self-confidence and courage of children. During this tour a lot of places that have only natural animal buffalo," said Jane Nadaek.

Friends of nature
In addition to touring the area as ornamental plants, Godong Ijo is a natural tourist attractions that have been achieved with the achievement get three se-ranked Indonesia as the Healthy Regions Tourism 2009 given by Ministry of Tourism.

"Godong Ijo very concerned with the nature, because that is the achievement of Healthy Tourism Regions achieve. Concern is mainly in the embed program since early love of nature to children," said the Head of Section at the Tourism Office of Youth, Sports, Tourism, Arts and Culture City of Depok, Lukmanto, not this old.

Jane Nadaek add, beside show hundreds of ornamental plant species whose numbers reach thousands of trees, Godong Ijo have excellent programs in invites children love nature. Programs are natural friends.

Friendly natures of the concept, see, and feel the program is an educational environment that is packed in accordance with the child to grow flowers.

"Interaction with the animals directly reptiles such as snakes, a giant lizard, turtle ashore giant learning experience and make a very valuable and unforgettable," he said.

In addition to learning as a natural location for children, in Godong Ijo Asri we can also enjoy healthy food at Cafe Combrong and of course buy decorative plants, such as Adenium, Aglonema, and palm.

Jumat, Juli 24, 2009

Bidadari Island is Nature Island

FROM Bidadari Island, we can see the beautiful City of Jakarta in the evening clearly. It's not far from the capital, creating one of the islands in the Thousand Islands tourist area this often.

Distance from Pulau Bidadari from Beach Marina Ancol, North Jakarta, approximately 14 kilometers. Distance using a speedboat about 20 minutes. Pulau Bidadari only initially empty land, forests, bushes, and no uninhabited gradually developed into the resort island, a mix between nature conservation, historical sites, recreational and sea.

On 28 February 1975, the governor of DKI Jakarta, Ali Sadikin, appointed PT SEABREEZ Indonesia to develop the "Island of Pain Management" (Bidadari Island), Pulau Cipir (Khayangan Island) and Pulau Nirwana which at that time in the blank with the center of the activities Thousand Islands nautical tourism.

However, in 1985, former Governor of DKI Jakarta R Soeprapto recalls Khayangan Island and Pulau Nirwana with the intent that Indonesia PT SEABREEZ can concentrate more to develop Pulau Bidadari.

Pulau Bidadari have ownership certificates HGB 225 2003 covering 3.6 hectares (ha) in the name of PT Indonesia SEABREEZ or 60 percent of the total area of Pulau Bidadari. They also use right certificate No. 19 of 2.4 ha, or 40 percent of the total area of Pulau Bidadari in the name of the local government of DKI Jakarta as fasos and fasum in Pulau Bidadari.

Geography Bidadari Island 106 is 44.8 degrees East Longitude (BT) and 6 latitude 02.2 degrees South (LS), among the group of island Onrust, Khayangan Island, Island kelor, and Pulau Ayer. The island area is including villages Untung Jawa, Kepulauan Seribu Selatan District and Thousand Islands District Administration.

Pulau Bidadari have advantages compared with other islands, namely more than 60 percent of the island consists of plants rare trees such as bulging, the tree of peace (baringtonia exelsa), ebony tree (diospyros maritama), sentigi tree (pempis acidula), glodokan tree , some fruit trees, and mangrove forest that saved and well maintained.

In fact, the whole beach is white sand with natural sea water is relatively clean and clear. There are also community biawak (veranus salvator) who live more freely with a population less than 100 head of protected and highly familiar with humans. Also living community elang bondol (halias Indus) which is a type of bird that is almost extinct and is protected.

To strengthen the atmosphere of a natural nature, the whole building using the concept of coastal homes with a variety of wood and the main building to use the concept of traditional Manado, pier labuh use ironwood and the gazebo on the beach along the roof of bamboo and sago palm.

There is also a history of the site Dutch heritage in the fortress in 1786 with a diameter of approximately 23 meters with a wall thickness 2.55 meters and 6 meters high building. This fortress made of red stone. In a few cannon, the remnants of ancient mortar and kept saved.

The need for clean water can be obtained from the fresh water source Bidadari Island that there are not many in the other islands in the Thousand Islands. While the electric power generated from diesel power (genset). Bidadari Island has 49 cottages consist of three types, namely of 23 deluxe cottages, 20 family cottages, suites and six cottages.

For the purpose of meeting / party, a two-room multi-purpose hall (MPH) with a capacity of 100 each and 40 people. This place also provides the facility outbond training, both at sea and ashore, in cooperation with training institutions. The most major, Bidadari Island provides the main menu is a seafood restaurant. The raw material obtained directly from fishermen in a fresh condition.

Menu-menu favorites such as soup rajungan, green cooked shellfish butter, baby stingrey, and fish head soup. Barbeque party on the night of the event is the most impressive and honored visitors. Facilities for water recreation on the island of Bidadari provided the jet ski, banana boat, cannoe, boat excursions, fishing pier, and fishing chart. There is also a form of support facilities billiard hall, gift shop, basketball field, volleyball, musala, jogging track, and others.

From the market, in the Thousand Islands region there are 12 resort islands joined to the association of the Thousand Islands Wisata Bahari (Perwita PUSRI), ie the Pantara, uninteresting, Putri, Bira, Sun, Grid, kul-kul, Eastern Box, Laki, Birds , Ayer, and Bidadari.

With a population of visitors who average in the five years of 120,000 people per year. In the last five years, Pulau Bidadari visited an average of 35,000 people per year. Thus, the Island Bidadari to take the market share of 29.1 percent of the population of visitors tour Thousand Islands. Bidadari Island visitors are mostly made up of a group of large companies that hold meetings and family gathering.

Group for family vacation, small group to party, and a group of photographers photo sesion prewedding. They came from Bandung Jabodetabek plus. Concerning the achievements that have been obtained for the resort island of Bidadari level DKI Jakarta is Adikarya I in Tourism 1995, Tourism Adikarya 11 in 1997, and Adikaryaotam Tour in 2001. The national level is Adikarya Tourism in 2002

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The Village at Lake Toba

The Village at Lake Toba

Visiting Medan, North Sumatra, has not felt full before set foot and explore the small village on the island of Samosir, Tomok.

From Jakarta, it takes more time for less than two hours to reach Medan, North Sumatra. Airlines will feel comfortable with available from a height, especially when the plane would crash. Verdure, and tree-lined row of palm oil plantations spread wide felt refreshing views from a height. The atmosphere feels cool when you see the river bend with sheen like water from a height of silver.

Landed in the International Polonia Airport in Medan, traditional environment is felt. Moreover, when the airport saw the roof of building is styled as Medan traditional style ala Singapore, with a high roof-shaped triangle. Meanwhile, Polonia Airport distance to the center of Medan, only applied for approximately ten minutes. Tourism object most domestic tourists visited the world is Lake Toba Parapat with a broad reach as far as the eyes look.

Navigate the streets of Medan in the morning felt comfortable, modern building in long of the street like Jakarta. Here is not seen in traditional buildings along the street in this city. In fact, a quite surprising is the emergence of a building with China’s architecture, in Kesawan Road, from the roof to the carving-carved look all the thick feel of China.

In fact, the building with China architecture is a residence of Chinese descent who is familiar with fie Tjong A (1860-1921). Tjong A fie was a businessman and banker from the famous Chinese city Medan. Tjong A fie years died in 1921.

Entering Parapat, greenness and freshness of the air blow breezy feel very entertaining, let alone see the greenness of rubber trees and oil palm plantations to make the scene come silih main switch from the car window. Paving the hill turn make all the troupe does not stop praising the beauty of this city.

In Parapat, tourists can perform a variety of activities. You can swim, ride bicycle water, walk and enjoy the fringe of the beach, all fun. Around the lake also can be rented with the boat motor. A variety of lodgings, there are here, ranging from simple to much-star hotels are available.

Not different from the place of another crossing, in the Central Parapat also many children with a small rowing boat cried out that the passenger ship the coin toss money into their lake. With their skill children be naked chest this dive and find a coin that was thrown.

Lake Toba has its own form, such as the sea, because the very large size. Noted, the lake has long about 100 km and 30 km wide. Meanwhile, Samosir Island is also very knowledgeable. Take about eight hours to circumnavigate the island in my car.

Travel with 8 KM Toba Cruise takes approximately 30 minutes, the water of the lake and the blue of the interest does not stop all the presented when the lake is the island of Samosir. Row of the distance from buildings and churches in the height of the hill make a trip with 8 KM Toba Cruise feels romantic. Not to mention the wind blast and enjoy the water jump porthole. From the top of this ship, is also visible EGIDE Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia was exiled, with the design of the building be painted with white magnificent.

And, 30 minutes on the Toba Cruise KM 8, entourage starts to enter the Port of Tourism Tomok, District Simarindo, Medan, and North Sumatra. A wharf tower is visible, with the traditional Batak carvings, namely a pair of spot.

Proof of Batak ethnic harmony enshrined in the monument welcome this bas-relief with each pair of clothes with traditional Simalungun, Toba Karo, Pak-Pak, Mandailing, and written with great Horas and Welcome Tomok.

Hidden Temple at Tanah Sunda

Hidden Temple at Tanah Sunda

Cangkuang Temple is located in the middle of a lake in the natural Kampung Pulo, Cangkuang area, Leles District, Garut, West Java. Berketinggian this place 600 meters above sea level is circled the mountains; they are Mount Haruman, Kadaleman Sand, Sand Gadung, Guntur, Malang, Mandalawangi, and Kaledong.

Hindu temple on the legacy to the century-8 is located in the middle of the lake so that it looks unique. This temple is also the first time and found the only Hindu temple in the land of Sunda. Community around temple called Candi Cangkuang. The name is taken from the family tree cangkuang (Pandanus furcatus), which are mushrooming in the area at the time of first temple.

Cangkuang temple was first found in December 1966 by Uka Tjandrasasmita (Writing History Team member West Java) based on reports Vorderman (1893) on the remains of sculpture Dewa Siwa and Muhammad Arif ancestral graves in the area Cangkuang.

In addition to temples, the research team also found a number of locations in the temple artifact originating from the four cultures, namely neolitcum, megaliticum, Hindu, and Islam. Pelita II, namely in the year 1974 until 1977, temple reconstruction can be completed. The temple building Cangkuang very simple, which is made of andesite stone without any relief. 8.5 meter high temple (m) building with a foot of 4.5 mx 4.5 m. This temple has one room with the door facing east.

Inside the temple there is a s Siwa tatue as 62 cm. Although the condition is still good but can not topple the general opinion is that developing in West Java there is no temple. And most people know the city Garut, West Java, a production with its dodol oeuvre. Cangkuang temple is located in the middle of a lake (the lake) in the natural Kampung Pulo, Cangkuang area, Leles District, Garut, West Java.

This place is a valley with an altitude of 600 meters above sea level be circled the mountain, ie, Mount Haruman, Kadaleman Sand, Sand Gadung, Guntur, Malang, Mandalawangi, and Kaledong. From Garut city center, this place is around 17 km. Not far from the square (the center of the field), from the direction toward Tasikmalaya Bandung, in the street have the green board guide also reads Cangkuang temple, complete with a direction sign panahnya.

Together with my friends, Mono, direct the car swerve to the left. At the mouth of the road there is a line drawn normal gig is a horse, we slow the pace vehicle for the road that did not fit too wide. Travel is diverting, at the far left and right eye looked disuguhi of the green rice paddy fields in the berundak-undak.

Akan but do not terlena, remain cautious because the pavement is sometimes perforated. Approximately 13 km have been followed; we met the road fork, then according to our guide that is not fully lead. "Sorry, Sir, if want to Cangkuang temple straight or right," ask me to a father who was being treated sawahnya.

The father was friendly with the purpose of showing us the direction. So, do not worry about the wrong way because there are very friendly and shows the direction of our destination. We also had time to stop in a field that small place was quite high and we can see the temple complex Cangkuang located in the middle of the lake from the top.

After that, we continue the search for a place that allows for parking of vehicles. Approximately 2 km of land we found was quite broad and we titipkan while the local population. Then, go again with the journey on foot through the lake.

Around in the lake, we see houses and a typical local resident who is fishing with a net or fishing rod. After some walking as far as 1 km, we will meet a bamboo house, no other place Cangkuang temple tour manager, as well as counter incoming payment plus rent a raft to cross the lake.

"However, why do not we park the vehicle just nearby," said Mono laughing while tickled. And indeed, in the area near the counter area available for vehicle parking.

Local residents also said that there are two alternative routes, short routes can not be passed by four-wheel drive and full path of the second path that can be passed by four-wheel vehicle to the location (the entrance counters crossing).

And to go to temple complex, we have to cross the lake using a raft that has been provided by the manager, about Rp3.000 per person. With the entry ticket is quite cheap Rp2.000 (adult) and for children enough Rp1.000 per person. Temple complex is shaped like a small island and just around the temple on foot only.

Lodging In the city of Garut is very much. For more close to the temple, you can choose lodging that is located in Cipanas, Garut. Here, there is a wide range of hotels. Price range starts Rp75.000-2000000. In addition, the confusion does not need to find a place to eat in Garut, because there are various types of restaurants, ranging up to the typical Sundanese other types of cuisine.

Towards the evening, decided to leave Kampung Pulo. Create a comfortable place where we do not want to go home.

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