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Indeed Bromo is Beautiful

Indeed Bromo is Beautiful

A boy who became a jockey horse rentals are waiting for tourists who will ride horses around Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java.

Bromo has a beautiful view. Enjoy this time in the Bromo’s sunrise that he is very interesting. There to go to the top it has to pass through the desert that is wide enough. But someone said all tired; tired of going to pay off when it reached the top. And for years there was a series of "supposed" to fill my mind when the name referred to Bromo Mount. Until that opportunity comes.

Late afternoon in early 2010 I started my journey to Bromo. I am not alone. There are 3 other colleagues who want to spend the holidays there early. But because the location of different places we lived determines the point where the points would be met. Although the actual one-way. I began the journey from the city while the third Tulungagung colleagues began the journey from Yogyakarta. Our meeting point is the junction agreed Brakan Kertosono area. This is where the meeting point of the South and West.

This is my first trip to Bromo. Given the limited information and in particular the time so we decided to use travel agents travel. Although there are pros and cons actually use these services. Three of my colleagues started to depart from Yogyakarta at 8 AM. If there is no significant obstruction at 2 pm had arrived in Kertosono. From the calculations that I decided to leave at noon so until 2 o'clock in the afternoon had arrived at the meeting point.

Inter-city buses in the provincial departments Surabaya take my trip. In normal conditions the trip from Tulungagung to Kertosono takes less than 2 hours. The bus drove through the streets in the city and turned northward toward the town of Kediri. When it entered the street the bus is usually traveling at a high enough. Passing the Old Hospital which is now the Health Department office Tulungagung, Detention, Rejoagung Stadium, and drove over the bridge Ngujang. Ngujang is quite familiar location for the residents and the surrounding Tulungagung. There are many things associated with this place starting from the grave china, petty localization to the existence of a supposedly flock monkey shit he says so. This is where sometimes there are people who perform rituals in hope of prosperity or the triumph of instant way.

The bus drove through the route Ngantru district, Kras District, District NGADILUWIH to enter the terminal town of Kediri. On the highway to this terminal on the right before the bridge exactly at the intersection of the square of this city know we can find the Great Mosque of Kediri. Regarding the mosque there is an interesting fact in this city. Most of the mosques here have a towering tower. The buses soon stopped at the terminal and proceed directly to Surabaya.

The drive from Kediri to Kertosono terminal does not take much. About half an hour I had already arrived in Kertosono. Total travel time I was more than a half hour. I mean come much more quickly than predicted. Until I had used the time to rest and start praying.

At a roadside stall I'm enjoying a cup of hot coffee and fried tape. Day was pretty hot even in black clouds started to cover. Of course I hope that despite the bad weather late afternoon sunny weather tomorrow morning. So I can get the photos interesting.

Wait is boring. Apparently travel that brings the three of my colleagues had not come. I also removed the shade at the edge of boredom mosque while talking with a seller meatball. Apparently there are many things that I got.

Nothing seemed time went on and the vehicle that carried my three friends arrived. Apparently 3 people besides my colleagues there are 3 more people. They have a young mother with two daughters. We also went on though the vehicle had stopped. We have to take another car.

Afternoon slowly began to change tonight. Vehicles kept going between the rainy streets. We crossed the Jombang, Mojokerto, Pasuruan, Probolinggo until later headed. When the vehicle Jombang city split on either side of the road appears red and white flag placed at half mast. Two days ago the New Year ahead of a son of the best people ever born in Jombang passed away.

The vehicle drove on the road to Probolinggo up in a vehicle travel agent stopped the program. We went down to check our tickets and receive a short briefing about tomorrow's sunrise tour. We were given a briefing on the location of temperature, time travel and where we will stay.

After all the debriefing is complete we continue the journey. This time used a different car. Field which we passed seemed too different. The road now began to climb. The journey takes approximately one hour to the villa where we would stay. Along the way I talked to many drivers who take us. Apparently they also offer tours to the crater of Ijen approximately 6 hours drive again.

Finally we arrived at the villa where we stayed. According to the briefing that we received this thing in the morning at about half 3 we would be woken. Jeep drive to the place where can see the sunrise. In front of a place to stay already lined up the trinkets seller. They sell the headgear and gloves. There is also offering to rent his jacket. Although time has not so late, I and the group decided to rest early. We want to be fresh tomorrow morning to enjoy this holiday.

Early in the morning the officer who would take us already was knocking on doors. We had to prepare the goods and equipment. The camera and all the equipment I have not missed entries. The seven of us ride in a jeep. Early in the morning we went mountain climbing. The day was quite a lot of visitors at this resort. It can be seen from the car that single-file like a snake. We did not get to the top. THE nearest car parking space must be stopped and the journey continued with the ride motorcycles, although it was not so far away.

After the ride motorcycles we continued on foot to the top of the mountain climbing. The cold stung enough already to greet us. It turned out that the above is that there are many people in droves to wait at sunrise. Sayapun find the most strategic locations where can i get a good picture.

After the break between the crowds I get a good enough position. I descended the slope and stood in an open place near a tent set up by a group of nature lovers. Well it's true those words from here I could see the smoke-covered Bromo. From here I can see the sun slowly appeared. Collect the yellow color of the small dots grew larger. I so enjoyed the first location of this Bromo tour.

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"Rafflesia arnoldii" at the Springs of Musi

"Rafflesia arnoldii" at the Springs of Musi

Care Team members Puspa Rare (TPPL) Kepahiang, Bengkulu, Tuesday (16/2/10), showed that arnoldii Rafflesia buds ready to bloom at the growth point in protected forests Leaf Hill, Kepahiang, Bengkulu. Since 2000, TPPL preserve and maintain the 21 points of rare flowers grow up to 1 meter in diameter in protected forests because the habitat of the giant flower more damage.

Lenka, Czech tourists about 40 years old, was sobbing at the end of 2009 and in the protected forest Leaf Hill, Kepahiang District, Bengkulu Province. He did not want to separate from Rafflesia  arnoldii flower, a flower of rare endemic species that grows in Sumatra, Bengkulu.

Earlier, after the excitement of having a direct view Raflesia, Lenka confidently head into the hole closer to the middle of the flower bloom. His nose was pressed against the edge of the hole, and Lenka was deeply inhaling the wafting scent of flowers in a hole 20 inches in diameter at the center of the five petals of rare flowers that bloom at 80 inches in diameter that.

Not happened. Lenka did not pass out, much less toxicity. The same admiration soon spread to other foreign tourists who then went to see.

"Action Lenka and understanding of flowers break Raflesia for this," said Burmansyah (37), Care Team members Puspa Rare (TPPL) Bengkulu, while accompanying an expedition team Musi Browse Raflesia 2010 saw the flower species blooming soon arnoldii in Bukit Daun protected forests, Kepahiang, Tuesday (16/2/10).

So far, Burmansyah said, people tend to understand the interest Raflesia as carrion flowers. Understanding must be corrected.

Lenka spirit that saw the blossoming Raflesia immediately transmitted to us upon entering Bukit Daun protected forests. Pacet, bloodsucking animals that are often attached at the foot or hand, not hinder travel to the location of rare flowers were beautiful.

The location has a slope of about 60 degrees, just above one of the springs that drain water into the River Ketapang. This river empties into the Musi River in Kepahiang area.

Forest is the habitat found in the growing TPPL Raflesia located five kilometers from the center of the village dam Monok, Kepahiang. The journey continues on foot 250 meters to one of the flowers found in the woods.

New walking distance of 150 meters into the woods, Burmansyah suddenly stopped. His hand was pointing to the hanging tree. "That Raflesia plants or called liana," he said.

Following instructions Burmansyah, if the way in the woods was found liana, we will soon see the exotic Rafflesia arnoldii. After walking in the clear stream of spring water, the journey ended in the woods with a slope of nearly 60 degrees. Right at the root of the tree, a lump of reddish orange flowers appears. "It's almost Raflesia flowers bloom. We expect to blossom five days," said Holidin (42), members of other TPPL.

Raflesia creeping stems grow attached to the ground as a flower grows. Along the rod stuck in the wet ground, small bumps appeared six aliases small shoots like brownish-black warts, would Raflesia. At the bottom of the rod lying flowers look Raflesia 40 centimeters in diameter are almost blooming, at the top of the bumps seen candidates’ flowers.

According to Holidin, flowers Raflesia take nine months to grow and blossom. Growth begins with bud-shaped appearance of the wart-like protrusion on the stem. Shoots will continue to grow in the form of round like cabbage, but cloaked in black leather. After nine months, so the skin will peel the petals of the red will be visible. According to Holidin, it does not suck flower insects or flies. Flowers Raflesia arnoldii type that we see will bloom also does not cause poisoning.

The difference became clear when we come to the location of carrion flower cultivation of Amorphophallus titanium in 4 Mess Village, Village dam Monok, Kepahiang, behind the house Holidin brother, Zul Zum Dihamzah (40).

At that location, looking Amorphopallus titanium, one of the dead flowers, grow. Amorphophallus is a dead flower that grows from tubers.

Jumadi (22), members of other TPPL, said, Amorphophallus grow to three feet high and large is more like inverted bells. Flowers also have a monument shaped like a hump in the middle of the petals.

Every time flowering Amorphophallus takes 22 days from bud to blossom. Amorphophallus blooms only one day stand. Morning and evening bloom wilted. Amorphophallus also broadcast the stench, but more like the smell can smell carrion from a distance of 100 meters.

Another reference from Compass Information Center (PIK) said, Amorphophallus titanium is carrion flower which was first discovered in 1878 in Kepahiang, Bengkulu, by Odoardo Beccari, the Italian botanist.

While arnoldii Rafflesia was discovered by Thomas Stanford Raffles, Governor of Bengkulu at the time, along with his friend, Dr. Joseph Arnold. Both found Raflesia flowers on May 20, 1818 on the island width, near the Manna River, South Bengkulu.

Associated with the dissemination of knowledge about Raflesia, TPPL consisting of four brothers and preservation observation Raflesia since 2000. In self-taught, they learn where the flowers grow, growth rates, and liana or stem Raflesia itself.

During 10 years of continuous observation, they sure Raflesia is a flower that grows on the trunk is rooted, not a parasite growing interest from spores. Flowers Raflesia emerged from liana which collapsed on the ground and from the liana Raflesia flower buds appear.

Jumadi said, Raflesia also only grow in one type of liana, liana with flesh that is white stems and leaves with a width of not more than seven inches. "There are all kinds liana, but only on that type Raflesia liana growth," said Jumadi.

TPPL understood as a liana vines growing in the humid tropical rain forest, rain bercurah tall, dark at the bottom of the canopy, and green throughout the year. To be alive, liana must grow close to the water or in soil that contains water.

To prove the hypothesis from the observations so far, since the year 2009 TPPL started cultivated liana. They cut liana stems. Raflesia is a flower that grows with the roots, not a parasitic plant.

TPPL understanding was very different from the understanding of experts found in the PIK and studies in the book The Ecology of Sumatra, The Ecology of Indonesia Series Volume I.

Members Raflesia TPPL trying to be left alone ignorant hands. In fact, since 1978 Raflesia been declared endangered and must be protected. Government through Presidential Decree No. 4 of 1993 has set a rare Raflesia as the national flower. TPPL will continue to attempt to keep the habitat of rare flowers.

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Tiban Wells Appear After House Owners Can Wangsit

Tiban Wells Appear After House Owners Can Wangsit

Tiban wells that appeared in an old people's homes Hadi Wijaya (49) on 9th Street Magersari Simo did not appear suddenly. Hadi strong belief that if the well Tiban appear after his brother's death, Barbara Mario (35) at 1 Ferbruari ago.

"The source of this water comes after the death of my brother," said Hadi told reporters at his parents' house, Simo Magersari Road, Monday (15/3/2010).

Hadi told the beginning of the emergence of Tiban wells. When his brother died, Hadi was in his lelaku (ritual) undergoing in the area south of Malang. We heard the news, Hadi has 2 choices. First, come to the funeral with the risk of breaking up from lelaku and the second is continuing lelaku long lived.

"Finally I decided to continue lelaku. If I push it back, anyway I might not have time to watch my brother is buried," Hadi added.

A few days later a new Hadi could go home. 7-day warning when her brother's death, his brother Hadi prays that these four numbers can go to heaven and be forgiven all his sins. Suddenly, the boy's father got 5 wangsit (whispers) if under the floor where he prayed buried treasure his parents owned.

"It says there on the 3rd floor of the heritage where I pray. The floor is a room used to be my parents," said Hadi.

Kris Three Saved in Floor

In wangsit was mentioned also the case when in the form of 3 heirloom keris has a name, Pamengku Bumi, Naga Sasra and Samber Nyawa. Hadi himself believed it was his father's heritage, Marsaid, which used to be a fighter against invaders. But when will be taken, Hadi get a mention wangsit again if heritage is guarded by a Suromenggolo.

The inheritance let Suromenggolo was taken but with the condition. Hadi must provide offerings of the head of buffalo, chicken smooth white fur with feathers and cone upside down. Buffalo head earned in Lumajang earned while in Lamongan chicken.

"The offerings were then I float on the beach near the bridge Suramadu Madura. When floated, beach in low tide, so I had to walk 2 km then take the boat," said Hadi who is a trader.

After the offering floated, 4 tiles on the floor are suddenly broken. Curious, Hadi was unpacking his own floor. When disassembled, it was found in 7 rows of red bricks stacked cross compiled. After the last brick, there is taken before seen ground. When the land was dug up, Hadi was surprised because the water suddenly came out of the ground. Water continued to flow despite the already depleted. Heritage, of course, is not found, but instead of Hadi had a round black stone.

"It's been great but 7 buckets of water continued to flow," explained Hadi.

7 days after the dig, Hadi had wangsit again. Wangsit was admitted if the water is useful but prohibited notified to others. When it was in self-hadi concerns arise, if the furrows were left alone, then people will see it as 40-day warning her brother's death.

Therefore Hadi told a carpenter from Malang who also still relatives to make the hole did not look like wells. So a lid that was made to disguise the hole dug in the floor.

"I told workers not to inform it of the water source to another," said Hadi.

But what happens then is not so. Once the 40th anniversary of the death of his brother over, many people around who came to the house his parents are. They asked for water which is said efficacious cure. Do not want to disappoint people, who have come, Hadi was giving what people want.

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Let's work on Belitung Tourism Potential!

 Let's work on Belitung Tourism Potential!

Cape Coast High, one of nature tourism mainstay in Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands. This beautiful beach has soft white sand, granite composite stacking, clear water, and good sky.

JAKARTA - local investors will soon be working on Belitung Island tourism potential which has a new nickname as the Earth Laskar Pelangi. "Local investors have expressed interest in working on tourism Pacific Islands and have had several meetings with us," said Director General of Tourism Destination Development, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Firmansyah Rahim, in Jakarta, Monday (8/3/2010).

He said local investors that Apo Group has volunteered to build a tourism area in the Pacific Islands include resorts, hotels, shopping centers, and all other supporting facilities.

Own party was to facilitate the prospective investors in order to meet the BKPM (Investment Coordinating Board) in the near future. "If it can be approved of all, the project could start running this year," he said.

Some tourist facilities planned to be built around the shores of Pacific Islands that had been shooting location Laskar Pelangi film.

According to Firmansyah, Belitung has tourism potential is very promising but not yet developed an optimal because they have not fulfilled the tourism infrastructure. Yet, through direct flights, the area can be completed within 45 minutes from Jakarta.

Belitung, said Firmansyah, ideal developed as tourist sites of special interest for tourists who like tourist attraction full of challenges. The beaches in the area have a configuration of natural stones which form a particular shape can not be found elsewhere. "The beach was very clean and not much known," he said.

Unfortunately, the number of hotels in Belitung, although still very limited road access to several attractions are available. "Investors will be working on several tourism facilities with the cooperation of course with the Pacific Islands regional government," said Firmansyah.

Actually, Belitung is one of 10 tourism destination that will be worked as an alternative destination after Bali.

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Keraton Kanoman Passes Panting Age

Keraton Kanoman Passes Panting Age

A marquee surrounded by white walls, unkempt. One side shows only the fence with porcelain from China that had invested in the walls. Not to mention the graffiti wall by irresponsible elements plus a grass sprout in several places in the yard. Thus the view that looked so foot in front of the palace gates.

That's only part of the picture Kanoman Palace in Kota Cirebon. Poor condition is exacerbated by the location behind the crowd Kanoman Market. To go to court, both cars and rickshaws to the merchants through the crowd.

Not inconceivable that the place was kept a long history of heroism, also syiar Islam, if not good at the main building. It is not for the buildings in Yogyakarta or Surakarta Palace but still emits its own charisma.

Curiosity led merambahi step shady yard. If more carefully studied, it would seem privilege fence or gate is decorated with porcelain plates are beautiful.

Lucky, when visiting the palace, the Warta Kota met with fifth son of the late Sultan Kanoman XI, the Prince of King Mohammed Qodiran who served as Prince Regent Kanoman.

According to Mohamad Qodiran, Kanoman Empire was originally a part of the Sultanate of Cirebon. But the Sultan of Banten, Ki Ageung Tirtayasa, then named the two princes of the Son Panembahan Adining Kusuma (Kingdom of Mataram) to hold the two imperial powers. Prince is in the Sultanate of Badriddin Kartawijaya Kanoman title Anom and Prince Sultan Shamsuddin Martawijaya in the Sultanate of Sultan Sepuh Kesepuhan title.

Sultanate Kanoman inaugurated in 1677. "Among other royal courts in Cirebon, like the Palace and the Palace Kasepuhan Kacirebonan, Kanoman Palace only to be the center of civilization Sultanate of Cirebon," he said.

This royal palace is also known more devout and conservative customs and holding pepakem. For example Grebeg tradition Ramadhan, a week after Idul Fitri. Syawal Grebeg point is the sultan and his family pilgrimage to the tomb of Sunan Gunung Jati Sinuhun Village Astana, North Cirebon district

The habit is very different from the Palace Kasepuhan, which historically was the elder brother, and Kacirebonan Palace. Keraton the latter was known to have only one sovereign or the sovereign sepengadegan, the Sultan of Carbon (18th century) in which their offspring, according to Dutch court's decision when it determined no longer have rights as a sovereign.

Museum collection

The main attraction of new Kanoman Palace can be enjoyed when entering the museum is located on the right side of the main building. In buildings that are not too big that are stored palace relics, ranging from the royal train, household, until the royal arms.

According to Warta Kota observation, treatments of these goods are less attention. Left dusty and damp for so long. Even the museum building seems almost collapsed because of the ceiling many traces of water due to leaks.

"It is our lack of funds and personnel to manage this place. It may only rely on government funding. As his successor, would we try to keep it," said Mohamad Qodiran.

Some of the collections were not complete. On the train line, most notably is Naga Liman Railway. The train was, as stated in the description, made of brown wood in the year or the year 1350 Saka 1428 AD by Prince Losari. That is the greatness train Sunan Gunung Jati, Cirebon Sultanate ancestors, who ruled 1479 -1568.

Giving it a name associated with wooden carvings depicting the front of the form of pivot joint (birds), dragons, and Liman (elephant) holding a gun. Alloy a form that symbolize the unity of the three elements of power on land, sea, air and symbolizes territorial integrity.

Special thing from this place is located on the wings of a statue that can open-close time is running, as well as different forms of wheels with wheel carts usual. Concave wheels built into the. Such wheel construction is very useful if through the wet muddy road. Splashing dirt will not pollute the passengers.

Another train is Jempana, train greatness to consort with Cirebon batik decoration. Brown wooden trains were also designed and built the landing of Prince Sejong in the same year.

The trains are occupying the center of the room. The edge of the museum was filled with other collections. Among collections transvestite puppet show, wedding chairs, gamelan, complete with writing desk writing equipment palm leaves and palm fibers that serves as a means of writing, including boxes, boxes from Egypt. In one corner, we can see a collection of weapons ranging from swords various local and European swords, Kris, firearms, various shields, and guns.

There is also the Sultan's throne made of ivory, was more than 700 years. This chair is used in the early Ottoman rule until the period of Cirebon Sultan Kanoman VIII. Because the condition does not allow a chair to sit again, then began Kanoman IX Sultan dimuseumkan chair.

Historic relics in the Palace Kanoman syiar closely related to the Islamic religion which actively conducted Sunan Gunung Jati, who is also known as Sharif Hidayatullah.

Unfortunately, people rarely look at this court, even in the holiday season. Classical problems, such as publicity, promotion would be a culprit. Never mind the publicity and promotion business, for the restoration of all the affairs of the palace was pant-pant-an. Need cooperation efforts with private parties who supported the government, especially the palace is one of the attractions of Cirebon City.
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