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Musik Gamelan di Ciudatella Barcelona

Musik Gamelan in Ciudatella Barcelona

SATURDAY in LONDON - About 2,000 spectators crowded the stage in Indonesia Ciutadella Park and dissolved in the strains of Javanese gamelan brought by Charoko Laras KBRI Madrid.

"Lung Park Barcelona city was rocked by the richness of gamelan music, on top of the cultural performances of Asia Festival in Barcelona," said Allen Simarmata, Korfungsi Sosbudpen KBRI Madrid to London correspondent, Saturday.

He said, visitors who huddled in the park watching enthusiastically perform by Charoko Barrel in twice for an hour by displaying song Gangsaran, Ayun-Ayun, Sluku-and Udan Sluku Batok Mas.

Besides gamelan, Embassy also held a dance show hosted Indonesian dancer’s in Madrid and dance groups offering guided Embassy Brussels.

Indonesia Performing arts dance form that brought five dancers that appeared dazzling with great applause from the visitors.

"Applause" visitors to rumble when the dancers brought Batanggai Muli Dance and Dance from Lampung Rantak from West Sumatra, with nimble movements and costumes are attractive dancers.

Indonesia's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, Slamet Mustafa who present with Casa Asia Barcelona officials pleased and happy with the tremendous response Barcelona on gamelan and dance performances Indonesia.

According to Allen Simarmata, Barcelona city sun stung enough in the day did not discourage visitors to see the performances of gamelan and dance.

Asian Festival is a cultural and music festivals held regularly every year by Pemko Barcelona and Casa Asia is a consortium of two target culture Spanish foreign ministries.

Groups Indonesian art and culture as filler specially invited top Asian Festival of culture in 2009 with a group from China and India, said Allen Simarmata.

Jumat, September 25, 2009

Three Great Earthquake of Batavia

Three Great Earthquake of Batavia

WEDNESDAY (2 / 9), Jakarta was rocked by an earthquake for the umpteenth time. Jakarta is already familiar with earthquakes since many centuries ago. Although the earthquake record that has ever happened in Batavia was not easy to find, at least there are some historical records often call the three great earthquakes that ever shook Batavia.

Warta Kota never mentioned one of them, namely the earthquake in the year 1780 in connection with the history of Observatory Mohr, the first observatory in Batavia in 1765, built Johan Maurits Mohr. Robert H van Gent, in a paper entitled Observations of the 1761 and 1769 Transits of Venus from Batavia (Dutch East Indies), mentions; in 1780 an earthquake shook the Batavia and, for one, destroys Mohr Observatory.

Land's former location of the observatory is now in an alley called Gang Torong at Victory Road Raya (Petak Sembilan), West Jakarta.

Long before that, on 4 and 5 November 1699, Batavia had also a big earthquake. It was destroyed buildings, water supply systems, too chaotic. Willard Hanna Tale in Jakarta to write a book, the church has ever located where now stands the Wayang Museum, also destroyed in the earthquake.

Hanna also noted that the earthquake was then followed by volcanic eruptions and ash to flow muddy Ciliwung River. Another major earthquake records in Batavia is the year 1883 when Mount Krakatoa erupted. Yet the spread and no clear explanation is also another earthquake in 1833 and 1903.

While the first meteorological observation activities in Batavia was conducted January 1, 1758 but regular observations of meteorological and geophysics began in 1866 with the establishment of magnet and Meteorological Observatory (MMO) or the Koninklijk Magnetisch en Meteorologisch Observatoriu (KMMO).

In the book A History of Science in The Netherlands: Survey, Themes, and Reference, edited by van Berkel, van Helden, and Palm, mentioned, Pieter Adriaan Bergsma, scholars in the field of geology, was assigned to conduct meteorological and geomagnetic research in Batavia until later Bergsma become leaders in KMMO. The main task are climate research and weather forecasting for the long-term agricultural development efforts, especially plantation owned by the Dutch in Indonesia.

On the way, the name is institution and change. At the time of the Kisho Japanese Kauso Kusho and after the independence of this institution is split into two, namely the Bureau of Meteorology in Yogyakarta special charge of collecting information for military purposes, and the Bureau of Meteorology and Geophysics Agency in Jakarta, which is under the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.

The task of Meteorology and Geophysics Agency is collecting information of meteorological and other geophysical. Since 1951 Indonesia became a member of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). In 1955 the Bureau of Meteorology and Geophysics changed the status of the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics, and then in 1980 to the Meteorological and Geophysics Agency (BMG) under the Ministry of Transportation. Meteorological and geophysical activity which was initially limited to observation or rainy weather only then increased and includes a variety of activities magnetic field observations, seismic, and meteorology for various purposes.

Senin, September 14, 2009

Major Jantje and Tanjidor

Major Jantje and Tanjidor

Orchestral music which became known as the tanjidor begins Citrap or Citeureup and started around the second decade of the 19th century. This music has been described as the music of slaves and could not escape the role of a descendant of a major Mardijker people (one independent).

Is Augustijn Michiels, a direct descendant of Jonathan Michiels a Mardijker people who became leader of the Mardijker people in the northeast of Batavia, who left the musical arts? Jonathan styled Luitenant der Oud Inlandsche der Burgerij of Papangers - a senior lieutenant of the Papang. He owned land in Cileungsi and Klapanunggal. Heritage Jonathan finally fell into the hands Augustijn that in 1807 - after 20 years of service in the army - stopped by the title Majoore der Oud Burgerij or Colonel Titulair.

Nevertheless, a wealthy Augustijn never lived in Weltevreden as the Dutch and other Europeans. As Mardijker people he chose to stay in Ancol in which the Mardijker people live.

In the year 1817, which later Augustijn better known as Major Jantje, buying land and rural Citrap along the highway between Batavia and Buitenzorg (Bogor) as Cibarusa, Tanahbaru, Cimapang. In his review on the book Major Jantje: Stories of Batavia Landlord-19th century compositions Johan Fabricius, Mona Lohanda confirmed the presence of the mayor and his role in the existence of tanjidor.

As a landlord, Major Jantje has hundreds of slaves, men and women. From the hundreds of slaves, there were 30 people who later joined the Corps Music Papang (Het Muziek der Papangers Corps) which was formed between 1827-1829. These musicians accompany the major party every night. From Europe to Tionghoa music played. This music continues to play until the death of Major Jantje meet on January 27, 1833 at his residence in Semper Idem, Batavia.

With the death of Major Jantje, the orchestra's existence was no longer clear. The slaves who were given European instruments such as Tambourine Turkish, French horn, bass drum, and the Clarinet that was auctioned. Auctions with his instrument. But Mona insisted, the music starts from the time tanjidor Major Jantje. The name comes from tanjidor estimated Portuguese Tanger (playing music) and tangedor (playing music outside the room), but also had a word Betawi tanji (music).

Tanjidor until the mid-1950s are still entertaining people at the time of celebrating the new year, including ngamen in the city area during Lunar New Year until Cap Go Meh. After that, the orchestra made up of western musical instruments like the clarinet, trombone, trumpet, tenor tuba, side drum, cymbals, ngamen banned in Jakarta. This orchestra music is also affected China seen from the use of flutes, gongs, drums, fiddle. Their music is usually cheerful music, marching like the songs from the Dutch period are usually brought the soldiers.
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