Sabtu, Oktober 01, 2011

Jakarta Moon Cake Festival 2011 in the Bank Mandiri Museum

Jakarta Moon Cake Festival 2011 took place lively at the Bank Mandiri Museum, Jakarta, Saturday (09/24/2011). Mooncake festival which is a typical cake of Chinese citizens took place two days until Sunday (25/09/2011).

Chairman of Youth Association of Indonesian Chinese who became a steering committee, Andrew Susanto said, "the event as good faith in preserving the culture of Indonesia" when opening the event.

The opening ceremony enlivened by the appearance of the dance studio dance Ronggeng Elania and discussions on preservation of historical buildings.

Moon Cake or pie moon is a symbolic manifestation of gratitude for blessings received during the year given by the almighty and to strengthen the relationship between humans as asserted by Adrian, who joined the Chinese Youth Association of Indonesia when presenting historical background of moon cake.

Celebration of cakes month or also known as the Chinese valentine falls on September 12th or 15th on the eighth lunar month by Chinese calendar at which time the full moon appeared very beautiful.

The event is supported by a number of communities such as the Community Around Us, Photography Lovers Community, Community of Love Our Heritage, as well as the Faculty of Chinese Literature, University of Indonesia is displaying a variety of activities such as photo exhibitions of Chinese culture, and Liong Lion Dance performances, musical performances and film screenings as well as no less importance of moon cake is a culinary tour.

The event gives a lot of knowledge about Chinese culture through a Moon Cake.
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