Jumat, November 26, 2010

Tenganan Village , traditional & authentic Balinese Village of yore.

Tenganan is a village which has its own unique retreat, the village which lies quite isolated and located at Karangasem. To reach this village by road and is about 60km from downtown Denpasar, Bali. The village is very traditional as it can withstand the current era of very rapid change of technology.

Although the facilities and infrastructure such as electricity, etc. go into this Tenganan Village, but the house and is maintained tradition as the original is still exotic. This is because the Community customs regulations Tenganan have a very strong village, which they call by-awig awig they've written since the 11th century and was refurbished in the year 1842.

Tenganan Village has approximately 1.5 million hectares of land area, when the resorts - another tourist retreat rapidly growing such as Kuta Beach, Amed Beach, which is very lively with the presence Hotel, Beach, Café, and nightlife. Village Tenganan still standing strong not concerned with changing times to stick with the three village hall is dull and traditional houses that lined the exact same one with the other. And not only that this village is also retained by descendants of marriage among fellow villagers. Therefore Tenganan village remains traditional and exotic, although the Society Tenganan receive input from the outside world but still it will not quickly change, because the rules of traditional village / awig-awig have a very important role towards the village of Tenganan.

To enter the village is very difficult, before entering the village area of Tenganan, we are going through a window, there we are not required to pay. It's because no ticket / tickets are sold, but we give whatever donations we want  to village guard , before entering the tourists have to go through a fairly narrow gate which is passed only by one person. Income Tenganan Village residents are also not clear how much revenue, because there still use the barter system. There are many plants, rice fields, water buffalo that freely roam their environment.

To boost their tourism potential,  many Villagers who sell their crafts to tourists. Artshop also can we see once we stepped foot kepintu in, they sell a lot of crafts. Like Woven bamboo carvings, miniature paintings carved on palm leaves that have been burned, and the most famous is the fabric grimace. This fabric is very unique because with a quick look at we can immediately find out if the cloth is handmade. Fabrics include expensive, and only produced in the village of Tenganan only. When the process requires a long time, because due to the color - the color contained gringsing fabric derived from plants and require special treatment. Although many tourists are becoming more and more to come this village, but unfortunately they are still less souvenir shopping. Said the painter I Made a mini painting on palm leaves.

Being in this village we feel safe and peaceful atmosphere, village residents are very welcoming and friendly. We can get around the area of the village and witness their daily activities. At our best to be there at the time of the afternoon, because in the afternoon they usually  had their activities. And gathered in front of their homes, and no doubt they go out and gather with other residents. And at this time we can watch and see the behavior and customs of traditional culture they are very thick. So it is worth if they were called BaliAga / Original. 
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