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Natural charm & history of Jepara Kartini Beach

The city is famous pro the city of Jepara in addition to carving, furthermore has a natural beauty with the intention of is very beautiful especially with the natural beauty of its beach. Equally a city located in the northern island of Java would not be surprised anymore if Jepara has coast resorts are quite a ration. Actually here are many tourist seats in the constituency of Jepara, here is the famous tourist beach, since it close to the Jepara's sea. These are approximately tourist a skin condition frequented by both community public or from outside Jepara

Tourism Kartini Beach is located 2.5 km to the west of Jepara Regency Hall. Sightseeing is located in the village Bulu Jepara constituency and is a natural attractions into tourist's marvel. Various at the bottom of facilities such as dock, generally aquarium turtles, motels, children's games (carousel, bath balls, cruiser currents), and others are unfilled pro visitors. The ambiance around the beach is quite cool indeed gives a evident impression pro visitors, so the place is very apposite pro family tree recreation or event is furthermore other relaxing. Visitors can consent to energy of exhausted of sitting under the gazebo while inhaling the fresh air with the sea wind

Regions with an area of ??3.5 ha of ground is a strategic area, since as sea moving routes to the inhabitant marine playground attractions Karimunjawa and lengthy Island. Now is furthermore already unfilled earnings of moving to the Publications of the KMP Kartini Beach pier. MURIA (5 hours travel time) and Fast Ship KARTINI I (travel calculate 2.5 hours). Also Kartini Beach can not getting away from from a traditional event called "Lomban". This event is a community-owned cultural event Jepara regency with the intention of lasted 1 time exactly on the 8th of Shawwal or the week with Hari Raya Idul Fitri.


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