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Mentawai tribe are the first inhabitants of the Mentawai Islands. Equally Nias tribe and tribe Enggano, they were supporters of the Proto-Malay cultures who matured on Archipelago Islands to the west. Mentawai residents residential area, in addition to the Mentawai Islands Pagai furthermore in North and South Pagai. This tribe is renowned as gatherers and as I initially learned not familiar with undeveloped. Typical tradition is the aid of tattoos all ended his body, which is correlated to the role and social status of its users.

Mentawai tattoo body painting is a tradition pro the tribal peoples in the Mentawai islands. Mentawai tattoo renowned as titi. This tattoo is a tattoo with the intention of is very unique and remarkable since it meets all of the body, from head to toe. For the Mentawai public, tattoos are timeless create with the intention of can be taken rancid. Or in other terms, tattooing tradition Mentawai public single be converted into a bring about of art as long as public who take it live. Inside addition, the tattoo furthermore serves as a interaction tool, namely to trade show identity and to differences in social status in society. 4503

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