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Indonesia an Archipelago Country

Indonesia is the largest archipelago and the sixth most popular country in the world. Consisting of five main island and 30 smaller archipelagoes, it has a total of 13,677 island of which about 6000 are in habited. It spans 512 km. (3,200 miles) between Australia and the Asian mainland and divides the Pacific and Indian oceans at the Equator.

The main island are Sumatra (473,606 square kilometers), Kalimantan (539,460 square kilometers), Sulawesi (189,216 square kilometers) and Irian Jaya ( 421,981 square kilometers). Indonesia shares the island of Kalimantan (two-thirds) with Malaysia and Irian Jaya with Papua Guinea. Kalimantan was formerly known as Borneo and Sulawesi as Celebes.

Indonesia is divided into 32 province and special territories and is classified geographically into four groups. The Greater Sunda island which comprised of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi; the Lesser Sunda island (Nusa Tenggara) which all the island from Bali to East Nusa Tenggara; Maluku (The Mollucces) comprising a separate group.

A long chain of mountains and volcanic belt spread to from the backbone of the island of Sumatra, Java, Bali and the others to the east. Of the 300 volcanoes, 128 are active, more othan half of which have erupted. The most famous is Krakatau and island volcano located in the Sunda strait between Java and Sumatra islands. It is eruption in 1883 threw up ashes into the air which are believed to have circle the earth for two years. The volcano craters are generally located in sparsely populated areas and do not pose a direct threat to the population. Instead, the lava and volcanic ashes have been partly responsible for the fertility of the soil. In the spite of the volcanoes, there are relatively few earth-quakes and Indonesia lies outside the typhoon belt.

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