Sabtu, Mei 16, 2009

Scientist Keep Eye On Five Raging Volcanoes

Scientist anxiously watch five volcanoes nationwide on Thursday, as fears over more natural disasters escalated with four more mountains rumbling into life over the past three day.

While thousands of refugees spent a third night in tents having fled the slopes of Sumatra’s Mount Talang, where hot ash has been raining down since Monday, much attention focused on Mt. Tangkuban Perahu, which is located near densely populated Bandung City and only a few hundred kilometers east of Jakarta.

Next week Bandung will host than 50 heads of state, including China’s president, at the Asian-African Summit.

While activity on the mountain decreased on Thursday compared to a day earlier, biggest crater on the volcano Domas, spewed hot ash into the air 21 time.

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