Minggu, Mei 17, 2009

Batik Indonesia

Batik is still popular in Indonesia. Where ever you go, you will see many people wearing batik. Nowadays, student from certain school wear batik shirt or blouse as their uniform. Do you know, how batik cloth is made?

Batik making is traditional made by women, either at home or in a small workshop. The material used is usually cotton. Today however, silk, satin and other material are also used,

The design is outline on the piece cloth in pencil or charcoal. Molten wax is then applied by using canting. The canting is used to draw the pattern on the cloth. The material is then dipped in a dye. Wax is applied to certain area in order that the color does not penetrate. The wax is then removed and the process is repeated with a different colored dye.

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