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Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is formed from Sangkuriang Story. Sangkuriang wanted merry her mother Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi declined his request because of he was her son. Sangkuriang have not known if Dayang Sumbi was his mother. Sangkuriang have cased away by his mother because of he killed his father (a Dewa or God that cased away from heaven and cursed because of he was falling in love with a women from the earth / human. He cursed be a dog, and Sangkuriang did not know that this dog was his father. He killed this dog because he was angry with him. The dog did not want to accompany him to look for branches to cook).

After Sangkuriang grownup to be a handsome man, he met with her mother. He was spellbound with Dayang Sumbi’s comeliness. (Dayang Sumbi was not be a old women because of she married with a God and she was be a beautiful women forever till she met her death). When Dayang Sumbi saw Sangkuriang, she remembered with her husband. She was falling in love in second time. And then, they were a couple. But, on a day, when Sangkuriang went to take a bath, he opened his clothe. And in that time, Dayang Sumbi saw his birth vestige. She was conscious that Sangkuriang was her son that she had cased away yet.

But Sangkuriang did not want to know. He loved Dayang Sumbi, and he wanted to marry her soon. He knew that Dayang Sumbi was his mother but he did not want to approve it. He still coercive Dayang Sumbi to be his wife. So Dayang Sumbi make a condition. She would be Sangkuriang’s Wife if Sangkuriang make a lake and a dugout in one night. Sangkuriang approved it.

Sangkuriang worked hardly. And before sunrise was coming, his work would be finished. Dayang Sumbi knew it. She prayed to the God to made sunrise come earlier. And God gave her petition. He made sunrise came earlier. And Sangkuriang failed.

He kicked the dugout. The dugout flied away and fell over the ground prone. And this dugout was a mountain. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain.

This story is be a land mark in Bandung City (West Java). And nowadays Tangkuban Perahu be one of recreation place in Indonesia

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Makasih ya dah berkunjung.. :D
Jgn bosen mampir lagi ya :D

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opo iki.,.,.,.,.

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wuja kang..... ajaro boso inggris,,,,, huahahahah

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