Rabu, Mei 27, 2009

the Corporation of Indonesia and Malaysia

Indonesia and Malaysia are joining hands to hunt down pirates who hijacked a Japanese-registered boat in the Straits o Malacca and kidnapped three seamen.

Indonesia navy spokesman Commodore Abdul Malik Yusuf said the Navy had dispatched three vessels to the area, near Penang and Pangkor island, where the boat was believed to have been attacked.

“We are cooperating with the Malaysian and Singaporean navies in chasing (the pirates),” Abdul Malik told The Jakarta Post on Thuesday.

A gang of about 15 armed off Malaysia’s Penang Island on Monday night. Holding the boat’s Japanese captain Nuboa Inoa, boat’s Chief engginer Shunyi Kuroa and a Filipino crewman Ido Gardo captive. The attack came just three days after an Indonesian-registered tanker was hijacked by 35 heavily armed pirates and abducted a captain and a chief engineer, whose fate remains uncertain.

At least seven people have been arrested or hoarding and selling fuel at higher prices than that set by the government.

City police natural resources crime Chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Ahmad Haydar said many fueal agents who were supposed to sell kerosene to factories for a higher profit.

The government has set the price of kerosene for household at Rp 700 per liter and at Rp 2,200 per liter for industry.

Ahmad said many agents licensed to sell, kerosene to household took advantage of the price gap by selling most of their stock to factories.

Many housewives, especially in Greater, Jakarta, have complained that the price of kerosene was too high from then and they had use firewood for cooking.

On Feb, 22 police arrested two agents for illegal setting and hoarding fuel. On Feb, 28 police arrested two other people for hoarding 20 tons o kerosene. On March 3, police detained a man only identified as SH in Jaka Sampurna, Bekasi, with more than 80 tons of kerosene, and another main in Cilincing, North Jakarta, identified as Ag With 30 tons of diesel oil.

Three people were sentenced to lie imprisonment on Thuesday for killing two female student of popular Muslim preacher. Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa’ Gym). The sentence was n accordance with prosecutor’s demands.

Presiding judge Jihad Arkarnuddin said that the stiff sentence handed down to Robert, Jasmiko and Evan Roji was because it had been proven beyond reasonable doubt thet they were guilty of robbery with violence and causing death.

After the trial, a commotion broke out when a crowd of hundreds of people, rush the three convicts and attacked them.

A policeman who tried to break up the riot was hit by a student. Several students were detained, but later released.

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