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English Teaching Method

Teaching method is a method that is used in teaching learning process. It is eone of important factors to improve the quality of teaching learning process in education, both formal and informal education. Why is it so important factor in educatin ? because of it will influence the result of teaching learning process. It will be able to increase or decrease the competence of the teacher and student.

We can understand the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching learning process in education by teaching method. The effectiveness and efficiency of teaching methos is important too. It will give impact to get success in teaching learning process, especially to learn foreign language. So it is a good way to make a selection how to choose a correct teaching method in education.

The are many teaching method of foreign language teaching. They are The Grammar Translation Method, The Direct Method, The audio Lingual Method, Community Language Learning and Suggestion Al of teaching method of foreign language teaching above has difference in the goal, the role and the characteristic. Those method describe about difference of principal and technique. It is caused by difference background and time. It is no easy to choose and to apply a correct teaching method. A correct teaching method has some criteria. One of them is principal and technique. So we have to know comprising both principal and technique in teaching. Because of it involve some aspect. They are the teacher and the student, teaching and learning process and the target language. The will give impact in education.

All of teaching method above is about foreign language teaching, but they have positive and negative effect for the teacher and students. Because among The Grammar Translation Method, The direct Method, The Audio Language Method, Community Language Learning and suggestion are made in difference background and goal.

In TOEFL 2, we learning and try to understand kind of teaching method of language foreign teaching. Among tat teaching method above, we thing that Suggestion is suitable teaching method in teaching learning process. Why is it?

Learning bring with them to the learning situation. It is one way to eliminate the fear. We know that students feel if they do not be able to perform. They feel that their abilities are limited. The fear will limited students’ capability and success in learning. So this method tries to reduce the students’ fear in the class.

The characteristics of teaching learning are comfortable classroom, easy chair, soft lightning, soft music, posters and picture. The facilities will support students’ activities in the class it will decrease secure situation so the teaching learning process well. The role of teacher is the authority in the class, but they are as a partnership. Students are as active responder (they don’t fell the fear).

If suggestion is compared with others teaching method :

It is a new method than others method (GMT, DM, ALM). So it contains new ideas and more modern.

It is one of method that to make a balance between intellectual and psychology. We know that secure of psychology is important in education. Student go to school not only to get knowledge, but they need secure of psychology. it will increase student’ mental power and self-confidence to reduce the fear and to make students ready to get knowledge.

It is effective and efficiency method. This class is just for 15-16 students. The teacher is able to understand the development of students one by one. So teaching learning process more effective.

The situation of class is more comfortable. It is sported by complete facilities (easy chair, soft music, picture and posters). The student fell more relax in teaching learning process. It will raise their spirit to study.

Finally, we know that leaching method of foreign language teaching is impotant in educatin. We must understand the goal the characteristic each teaching method because it will influence the result to teaching learning process in education.

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