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Butterfly Heaven in Maros

Butterfly Heaven in Maros

MAROS - National Park Bantimurung, Maros, South Sulawesi, became one of the most popular place for tourists, both local, national and foreign.

"Bantimurung National Park has many uniqueness which makes it as one of the tourist and recreation destination," said National Park officials Bantimurung, Abidin in Maros, Sunday (29/11).

He said the National Park Bantimurung a natural park the proudest people of South Sulawesi. Because of its location in the valley there is a steep limestone hill with tropical vegetation.

Not surprisingly, this area also became a limestone mining area as a cement raw material. Unfortunately, this kind of activity if continued would be very damaging nature and potential of tourism itself.

Bantimurung Nature Park is also famous for its waterfalls, caves, and the butterfly. This place is only about 30 kilometers (km) from Makassar City.

Abidin explains, species of butterflies in the butterfly museum also has Bantimurung two caves that can be used as a special interest tours, Batu Caves and Cave Dreams.

"Bantimurung is known as a butterfly paradise because of all the species here. At least 20 species of butterflies are protected by the government and established through Government Regulation No. 7 / 1999," he said.

Some unique species found only in Sulawesi, which is Troides helena Linne, Troides hypolitus Cramer, Troides haliphron Boisduval, Papilo adamantius, and Cethosia myrana.

He said that in 1856-1857 Alfred Russel Wallace spent most of his life here to examine different types of butterflies. "Wallace said Bantimurung is 'The Kingdom of Butterfly' he said.

"Therefore, based on studies of English people there are 150 species of butterflies here and this is the main attraction for tourists," he said.

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Tickets Edmondson, What's That?

Tickets Edmondson, What's That?

EVER heard Edmondson tickets? This is a train ticket is made of cardboard with a size of about 6 cm x 3 cm. Flights of this type is rarely found because of PT Kereta Api-KA (Persero) have replaced the ticket system was first introduced in the 1840s in the UK with computerized ticketing system. Reimbursement system Edmondson tickets from a ticket to the computerized system were especially carried out in large stations. In small stations in various regions in Java, Edmondson tickets are still used.

Is Thomas Edmondson, who previously only furniture makers, master's or such station the station master at Newcastle and Carlisle, England, which introduced the system of findings on the railway line to Manchester and Leeds in the 1840s. The system is a payment validation system of the train ticket and accounting systems to increase income and named after the inventor, Edmondson.

Along with the opening of the Railway Clearing House - an organization that is contrived to manage the allocation of collective income of the various railway companies - in 1842, Edmondson system was used as a broadly ticketing system. Various items were defined in the standard cardboard ticket. For example, the magnitude of the ticket (the original 2.5 cm x 5 cm) and given a number.

When the station was issued a ticket, there are machines that will print the date in accordance with the issued ticket (ticket stamp machine). Tickets were also distinguished by destination and class (business, economics, executive). Patterns and colors are distinguished to facilitate ticket agents and prospective passengers to distinguish types of tickets. In essence, the ticket type is the Edmondson railway ticketing system starting from the shape and material of small ticket, date of printing, to the tools used by train conductors to check tickets of passengers.

This ticket system later adopted by several European countries like Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, even outside Europe such as Australia, Argentina, and the Dutch East Indies during Staats Spoorwegen (SS) to introduce the ticket system. In the UK, Edmondson tickets had been used until 1990. In some cities in the UK, the tickets have stopped even used in the 1980s. Netherlands, in this case Nederlandsche Spoorwegen (NS) - the railroad - to stop the ticket type Edmondson in 1982.

The countries that had adopted the ticket Edmondson, now has a total leave the system. Switzerland is still using Edmondson tickets at several stations until December 2007. Now, the legendary tickets more widely used as a ticket to enter the train tour tempo first, heritage tourism (heritage tourism).

In Indonesia, Ambarawa Railway Museum still has a ticket machine or ticket stamp designer of the year 1923 Edmondson. In some smaller stations that still use these tickets, of course we can still see the entire system, starting from the ticket, stamp machines, and equipment owned ticket conductor talker.

Hopefully, all the other railway equipment was not then vanished without a trace before she could be saved. Before finally the entire system stopped operating Edmondson tickets in total, should PT KA hunting soon tracked the inheritance of the past railway system, including whistles, hats and clothing for the engineer and conductor are stored on the railway museum. Edmondson ticket manufacturers must stay alive, at least to print the ticket for purposes of heritage tourism (heritage) and to preserve the plant so that the audience can look into the abdomen so that the factory building was demolished for the sake of mere business.

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Kilimanjaro National Park Without Trash

Kilimanjaro National Park Without Trash

Located 340 km south of the equator, Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the three mountain open to the eternal snow on the equator, in addition to Cayambe in Ecuador and the Puncak Jaya in Indonesia.

As the main object in Tanzania and the symbols of the countries of East Africa, the Kilimanjaro region in 1973 made the National Park, and in 1987 Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA) is recognized as a World Natural Heritage by the United Nations. Currently, Kilimanjaro region with Kibo Peak (5895 m above sea level) as the highest roof of the African continent was visited by more than 35,000 visitors each year.

Various accessibility, accommodation, security, and professional guide services, enabling more and more people enjoy the natural beauty of this increasingly rare. Kilimanjaro as a world natural heritage and to clean themselves in the last 4 years increased more tourists visit tripled. It’s so awsome.

Observing nature management in Kili, the way in the mission "Kilimanjaro for Lupus" continues to create awe and envy. Tanzania, a developing country with over 30 percent of the population below the poverty line, capable of highly disciplined. Marangu Gate is one of the 7 routes to the top of Kilimanjaro climbing at an altitude of 1800 m. The building manager's offices met with officials of the 3 candidates are lining up neatly climbers.

Small kiosk in front of him, complete with climbing up to the needs of souvenir merchandise. Bathroom facilities to sit and picnic area neat and clean, climbing four bulletin boards, prohibition, appeal and rule on the trim climbing backed wooden board with carved writing easy to read.

All the buildings identified with the board pointed out the obvious. No visible trash, but we did not find any trash scattered. The reliable guides help us register and manage logistics with 26 porters, cooks, and assistant guide who is largely a Chagga tribe, the largest tribes in the Kilimanjaro region.

The pure natural atmospheres along the 70 km trip up and down us feel so deeply. Flora-fauna we encountered seemed calm is not disturbed. Picnic area in the form of a wooden bench tables, toilets clean cottage and maintained at every 5-7 km journey, 3 cabin capacity of 70 people climbers in Mandara, 148 people and 58 people Horombo on Kibo is ready to welcome.


Each cottage triangular structure with bed apartment for 4-10 climbers are wooden buildings with bedding and pillows. The cottage was enough to make our bed more comfortable than the tent. In addition, there are toilets with abundant water, dining hall, kitchen and a special cabin guides and porters, plus a solar panel that illuminates every room ready every night.

Good facilities without the user discipline, whatever that means. In the KINAPA guides holding main key in the management of national parks. With the system guides categorized versus reward, they are required continually upgrade our services, natural sciences, technical knowledge of climbing and rescue, and the ability to communicate and speak.

Penalty system, a suspension to revocation of license, apply KINAPA management to ensure no violations occur, such as fuel use is not recommended, disturb the flora fauna, the use of the route outside the provisions, negligence guides, and other strict regulations that could stop the source of their income guide .

Being a guide is the dream of many residents Chagga tribe who lived around the foot of Kilimanjaro. It took more than 5 years to become the head guide, with the highest rewards. 2-3 years experience with a reporter to forge physique, 2 years of education on the job training as an assistant guide, and finally by KINAPA test for certification guide.

Like in developing countries, the welfare of the guides and porters are still an important issue. Huge profits still more absorbed by the tour operators who live in urban areas. Completeness of climbing equipment facility until proper clothing can not always be fulfilled. Until much suffering people and even death.

Two major associations formed in early 2003; KPAP (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project) and KGPU (Kilimanjaro Guides and Porter's Union). KPAP the initiative of the International Mountain Explorers Connection, based in America, the fight for the rights of reporters around the world, such as the Annapurna Sanctuary in the area of Nepal and the Inca trail in Peru. Equipment rental services until a proper clothing for free; English language training, to the knowledge of HIV P3K which hit eight percent of the population of Tanzania; personal financial management; and to provide education to the porter service users. KGPU was founded former guide and porter, Joseph Nyabasi, with the aim of improving the welfare of those who make a living from the mountain through the same mission.

Demands professionalism coupled with a variety of worker protection agencies in the mountain, making this area one of the most popular natural tourist destinations.

Kilimanjaro as one of "The Big Seven" the highest mountain on every continent in the world to encourage the Government of Tanzania to clean themselves. Tanzania's readiness to welcome the tourists this nature must also be replicated by governments and observer of nature in Indonesia, where Mount Carstensz Pyramid, Papua, Indonesia IDR region, also became one of "The Big Seven".

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Variety Enchantment of the West End Java

Variety Enchantment of the West End Java

Dozens of seagulls flying over the waters of Cape Lesung, Pandeglang, Banten, when the new Surya published. These birds approaching fishing boats, which contains fish, the catch of the network in bagang

JAKARTA - Some opinions are expressed, creating tourism packages should consider travel time from one object to other attractions. If the travel time from one tourist destination to other destinations too long - say up to four hours - there is the possibility of tourists would get bored.

In this condition, Banten charm enhanced by the many attractions which when arranged flow scheduling, are not too long. Thus, within a couple of hours even tourists can move from one object to other attractions.

In Serang, for example, there are a variety of interesting places to visit, call earthenware-producing region on Earth Jaya, Banten batik in numbers CIPOCOK Bhayangkara District, Anyer Beach, Banten Lama and sites.

Pandeglang District was blessed with the distribution of exotic beaches, such as Carita, Cape Lesung, and Umang Island. In this Pandeglang also have Ujung Kulon National Park which is a nature conservation area where one-horned rhino habitats, endangered species.

In addition to natural attractions, Banten was rich with exquisite artistic traditions is considered. Art is, among others, terbang gede, Rampak bedug, and a variety of interesting dance. Considering this, Banten has obvious potential in the field of tourism.

In trial trip package tours in Jakarta some time ago, the Chairman of ASITA Jakarta Ng Sembiring Bana had to remind the importance of the type of vehicles used to carry tourists to the width of the narrowness of the road to an area.

This is important because if the bus is used too fat, then the vehicle will be trouble if they have to turn or pass on the narrow roads. In the end, there will be a waste of time and can reduce the comfort of tourists to travel.

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Eksploring Rawa Pening In Tuntang

Eksploring Rawa Pening In Tuntang

"The train took us to the vast rice fields to Kedong Djati Station where there are bars and a replacement station to Ambarawa, climbed mountains. In Ambarawa was" Hotels on Top "is much better than" Hotel Bawa ". In the afternoon when the weather the cool, how comfortable driving around the city through the Fort William I. Then enjoy the beauty Toentang Waterfall, the train, heading Toentang Station. From Ambarawa we can also toward Magelang across three mountain scenery, Merbaboe, Telomojo, and Oengaran. "
Thus the picture of the beautiful scenery around the island of Java in the early 20th century, in 1900, which can be seen through the train. If viewed as a whole, actually writing the above is part of such a guidebook from direct experience of the writer who has to explore Indonesia.

Through a book entitled Guide Netherlands India, compiled by order of the Paketvaart Koninklijke Maatschappij (Royal Packet Company) (1903) was written by JF van Bemmelen and GB Hooijer. This book originally written in Dutch, but later translated into English.

Tuntang, located between Ambarawa and Salatiga, not only popular with the old station and waterfalls but also a lake that reminds of childhood we are about the legend of the boy who pulled a stick. Sticks were stuck into the ground and when the boy had pulled the magic stick that the whole land turned into a lake which later was named Rawa Pening.

Station remains Naamlooze Venootschap Spoorweg Nederlandsch Indische Maatschappij (NV NISM) was now no longer in operation. Any path through which the dead. Now a stop at this station was lorry tour of Ambarawa-Tuntang and vice versa. The station is located on the railway line which is also old, Bringin-Kedungjati-Tuntang-Ambarawa-Cashew-Bedono. Initially this path connects via Semarang-Solo Gundih stations and trains lines connect to Magelang that also not operate.

Until now, the beauty panorama on path-Tuntang Ambarawa still preserved as told Bemmelen and Hooijer century ago. Similarly, the scenery of coffee and rubber plantations is now made Agro Tlogo. From plantation heritage Maatscappij Tlogo Amsterdam in 1856, not only the lake that lies Rawa Pening but also the panorama of Mount Merbabu, Merapi, and Ungaran Telomoyo. From Bedono, Sejong coffee plantations are also promising sensation that is not less beautiful.

There is a plan of PT Kereta Api (KA) to revive the dead line for the purposes of transportation and tourism memories lane. If that happens, of course challenges both for PT KA and the tourism and accommodation providers to further increase the potential and their services.

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Even South Batavia Station 80 Years

Even South Batavia Station 80 Years

Frans Johan Louwrens IR (FJL) Ghijsels had not been there. But we can still trace the works of the architect. Ghijsels works were still standing on the ground the former Batavia. It may be that every day we are based there, or at least through the buildings from the early 20th century it was. In Kalibesar, Dutch-born child Tulung Agung, East Java, was incised by the Office of John Peet & Co. who is now a PT Toshiba and office buildings Maintz & Co. who now PT Samudera Indonesia.

Powder Road, where the now closed tin fence and seemed to be left unused, you can have a peek inside the magnificent building. It is the former building Wehry & Co. Geo. Other buildings which may be more popular is Pelni Petamburan Hospital, Central Jakarta, which was once the Hospital KPM (Koninklijke Maatschappij Paketvaart). Another KPM Building at Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, now the Office of the Department of Sea Transportation, Meester Cornelis Catholic Church (St. Joseph Catholic Church in Matraman), and Paul's Protestant Church in Menteng.

Ghijsels did not work alone. He joined in Algemeen Algemeen Ingenieur Ingenieur Architectenbureau or Architecten (AIA) - a public agency of civil and architecture founded in 1916. Three masters of this firm, other than Ghijsels, Ir Hein von Essen, and Ir F Stlitz. Prior to this firm stand, and Essen Ghijsels worked as a technical advisor to the government while the F Stlitz as an entrepreneur building. At the request of the bureau service users AIA, the firm is not only designed buildings, but also act as a contractor.

With so many buildings are designed, there is a Art Deco style buildings are considered very important in the journey Indisch style architecture, so it is written in the book FJL Ghijsels: Architect in Indonesia. The building was none other than Station South Batavia (Batavia Noord) or what is known as Jakarta Kota Railway Station and is often called Beos Station.

On October 8 last, exactly 80 years ago, this station was inaugurated. This station replaces the old station, Batavia Noord, which is no longer in operation since 1923. In 1926, along with AIA Ghijsels started designing the building. And right on October 8, 1929, a salvation held for the safety of the new station. Javabode Newspaper October 17, 1929 edition wrote, "South Batavia Station is a station that is very impressive and is the most beautiful stations in the east."

In front of this station, first, broad lawns stretching once called Stationsplein. Now the existence of the field was very narrow and increasingly less as a final stop TransJakarta. Way around the field, until now, was named Road Field Station (Stationsplein). Architect in the book as well as Indonesia's answer to the question of age at the monument in the middle of the park and Beos Station some time ago got out of his position. The book is clearly mentioned, on the safety of October 8, 1929, train employees to bury the two heads of buffalo, which is one of Stationsplein between the hours and the main entrance, and one in back of the new building.

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Classical is Beautiful

Classical is Beautiful

Love is a double-edged sensation. He makes life beautiful, but it can also turn it into a tragedy. This theme is expressed by the organizers to dance through Aloysia Neneng Yuniati tarinya with her work, "Jati Kumandang", which was held at the Arena Theater in Central Java Cultural Park, Solo, Wednesday (30 / 9) night.

The theme of tragic love is reflected through the romance between Dewabrata and Amba. Puppet seemed able to articulate the human drama that is always repeated, because it always makes people falling in love.

The story of Dewabrata, knights of the kingdom of Astina, who managed to conquer the hearts of the Kingdom of Amba Kasipura, may only be a bitter romance narrative and classic. However, Neneng (27), with her cleverly lifted this repertoire in the form of dance bedhaya working.

Bedhaya is a genre of dance that spelled out "sacred", that should not be called a classic, which in the past could only be performed within the walls of the palace. Bedhaya dance in general as a means of meditation for the audience. The move is slow motion playing; accompaniment consists of the greatness song”Tembang Gedhe”.

Javanese sacred atmosphere intentionally built in crowded performances this audience. The whole wall covered in black cloth, while the stage floor littered with strips of pandanus leaves, fragrant smell of incense floated along on stage. No doubt, the concept of the show that "multimedia" This was a unique and special.

With the concept of working bedhaya dance, repertoire "Teak resonance" appears not as a coherent narrative and realist, but very subtle. This repertoire performed in bedhaya format, which relies on the seven female dancers dressed in the same; jamang serimpi, kemban merah, and purple cloth jarit. They carried bows as property, as well as keris tucked in the front waist.

With only seven female dancers that, Neneng "story" about the play of love Dewabrata-Amba. Neneng which serves as the main dancer Dewabrata and Dewi Amba are played by other dancers. Take the form langenswara, speech delivered by wiraswara story or singer. Once any form of dialogue sung by the dancers, either a nor shared.


The tragedy begins when Dewabrata won the competition and bringing entitled Amba. However, Dewabrata refused to marry because the vow of celibacy that made Amba hurt and disappointed. At the top of strife between them, Amba stabbed dead by Dewabrata keris.

Amba spirits condemned Dewabrata and promised to meet the lover later in the War Senapati Bharatayuda through a woman senopati. Dewabrata who later became Bhishma, elder of the Pandavas, eventually had died at the hands of Srikandi, the wife of Arjuna. Narrated, Bhishma submitted only when the thousands of arrows raining Amba herself because she knew would get him.

The entire drama, from scene to scene, arranged through working on the actual dance bedhaya quite strict in its raw pattern. The slow motion of movement is stayed up, so did the composition and the floor pattern. Whether describing scenes of love and the scene "war" was-once again rely only seven dancers, did not give the impression vulgar or loud, but still subtle.

"In this claim, my concept combines three elements, namely dance bedhaya or rather bedhayan, langenswara, and narrative puppet," said Neneng, a graduate of STSI Solo (2005) and was grow up as a dancer at the Palace Mangkunegaran.

Performance "Jati Kumandang" was special because it managed to take advantage, or more precisely to revitalize, the power of classical dance. Retno Maruti dance stylist ever worked on "Abhimanyu Gugur" (1976-2002) with a similar concept. In a repertoire, Maruti bedhaya featuring two rafts, each of which consists of nine dancers.

The success of "Jati Kumandang", are supported by the dancers who have average prime capability, in addition to sing ability, given that ability is rare now. Also support gising stylist Lukas Danasmara, which claim up with some bedhayan gising updates, among them include elements that diatonic music can not be ignored.

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Musik Gamelan di Ciudatella Barcelona

Musik Gamelan in Ciudatella Barcelona

SATURDAY in LONDON - About 2,000 spectators crowded the stage in Indonesia Ciutadella Park and dissolved in the strains of Javanese gamelan brought by Charoko Laras KBRI Madrid.

"Lung Park Barcelona city was rocked by the richness of gamelan music, on top of the cultural performances of Asia Festival in Barcelona," said Allen Simarmata, Korfungsi Sosbudpen KBRI Madrid to London correspondent, Saturday.

He said, visitors who huddled in the park watching enthusiastically perform by Charoko Barrel in twice for an hour by displaying song Gangsaran, Ayun-Ayun, Sluku-and Udan Sluku Batok Mas.

Besides gamelan, Embassy also held a dance show hosted Indonesian dancer’s in Madrid and dance groups offering guided Embassy Brussels.

Indonesia Performing arts dance form that brought five dancers that appeared dazzling with great applause from the visitors.

"Applause" visitors to rumble when the dancers brought Batanggai Muli Dance and Dance from Lampung Rantak from West Sumatra, with nimble movements and costumes are attractive dancers.

Indonesia's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, Slamet Mustafa who present with Casa Asia Barcelona officials pleased and happy with the tremendous response Barcelona on gamelan and dance performances Indonesia.

According to Allen Simarmata, Barcelona city sun stung enough in the day did not discourage visitors to see the performances of gamelan and dance.

Asian Festival is a cultural and music festivals held regularly every year by Pemko Barcelona and Casa Asia is a consortium of two target culture Spanish foreign ministries.

Groups Indonesian art and culture as filler specially invited top Asian Festival of culture in 2009 with a group from China and India, said Allen Simarmata.

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Three Great Earthquake of Batavia

Three Great Earthquake of Batavia

WEDNESDAY (2 / 9), Jakarta was rocked by an earthquake for the umpteenth time. Jakarta is already familiar with earthquakes since many centuries ago. Although the earthquake record that has ever happened in Batavia was not easy to find, at least there are some historical records often call the three great earthquakes that ever shook Batavia.

Warta Kota never mentioned one of them, namely the earthquake in the year 1780 in connection with the history of Observatory Mohr, the first observatory in Batavia in 1765, built Johan Maurits Mohr. Robert H van Gent, in a paper entitled Observations of the 1761 and 1769 Transits of Venus from Batavia (Dutch East Indies), mentions; in 1780 an earthquake shook the Batavia and, for one, destroys Mohr Observatory.

Land's former location of the observatory is now in an alley called Gang Torong at Victory Road Raya (Petak Sembilan), West Jakarta.

Long before that, on 4 and 5 November 1699, Batavia had also a big earthquake. It was destroyed buildings, water supply systems, too chaotic. Willard Hanna Tale in Jakarta to write a book, the church has ever located where now stands the Wayang Museum, also destroyed in the earthquake.

Hanna also noted that the earthquake was then followed by volcanic eruptions and ash to flow muddy Ciliwung River. Another major earthquake records in Batavia is the year 1883 when Mount Krakatoa erupted. Yet the spread and no clear explanation is also another earthquake in 1833 and 1903.

While the first meteorological observation activities in Batavia was conducted January 1, 1758 but regular observations of meteorological and geophysics began in 1866 with the establishment of magnet and Meteorological Observatory (MMO) or the Koninklijk Magnetisch en Meteorologisch Observatoriu (KMMO).

In the book A History of Science in The Netherlands: Survey, Themes, and Reference, edited by van Berkel, van Helden, and Palm, mentioned, Pieter Adriaan Bergsma, scholars in the field of geology, was assigned to conduct meteorological and geomagnetic research in Batavia until later Bergsma become leaders in KMMO. The main task are climate research and weather forecasting for the long-term agricultural development efforts, especially plantation owned by the Dutch in Indonesia.

On the way, the name is institution and change. At the time of the Kisho Japanese Kauso Kusho and after the independence of this institution is split into two, namely the Bureau of Meteorology in Yogyakarta special charge of collecting information for military purposes, and the Bureau of Meteorology and Geophysics Agency in Jakarta, which is under the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.

The task of Meteorology and Geophysics Agency is collecting information of meteorological and other geophysical. Since 1951 Indonesia became a member of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). In 1955 the Bureau of Meteorology and Geophysics changed the status of the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics, and then in 1980 to the Meteorological and Geophysics Agency (BMG) under the Ministry of Transportation. Meteorological and geophysical activity which was initially limited to observation or rainy weather only then increased and includes a variety of activities magnetic field observations, seismic, and meteorology for various purposes.

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Major Jantje and Tanjidor

Major Jantje and Tanjidor

Orchestral music which became known as the tanjidor begins Citrap or Citeureup and started around the second decade of the 19th century. This music has been described as the music of slaves and could not escape the role of a descendant of a major Mardijker people (one independent).

Is Augustijn Michiels, a direct descendant of Jonathan Michiels a Mardijker people who became leader of the Mardijker people in the northeast of Batavia, who left the musical arts? Jonathan styled Luitenant der Oud Inlandsche der Burgerij of Papangers - a senior lieutenant of the Papang. He owned land in Cileungsi and Klapanunggal. Heritage Jonathan finally fell into the hands Augustijn that in 1807 - after 20 years of service in the army - stopped by the title Majoore der Oud Burgerij or Colonel Titulair.

Nevertheless, a wealthy Augustijn never lived in Weltevreden as the Dutch and other Europeans. As Mardijker people he chose to stay in Ancol in which the Mardijker people live.

In the year 1817, which later Augustijn better known as Major Jantje, buying land and rural Citrap along the highway between Batavia and Buitenzorg (Bogor) as Cibarusa, Tanahbaru, Cimapang. In his review on the book Major Jantje: Stories of Batavia Landlord-19th century compositions Johan Fabricius, Mona Lohanda confirmed the presence of the mayor and his role in the existence of tanjidor.

As a landlord, Major Jantje has hundreds of slaves, men and women. From the hundreds of slaves, there were 30 people who later joined the Corps Music Papang (Het Muziek der Papangers Corps) which was formed between 1827-1829. These musicians accompany the major party every night. From Europe to Tionghoa music played. This music continues to play until the death of Major Jantje meet on January 27, 1833 at his residence in Semper Idem, Batavia.

With the death of Major Jantje, the orchestra's existence was no longer clear. The slaves who were given European instruments such as Tambourine Turkish, French horn, bass drum, and the Clarinet that was auctioned. Auctions with his instrument. But Mona insisted, the music starts from the time tanjidor Major Jantje. The name comes from tanjidor estimated Portuguese Tanger (playing music) and tangedor (playing music outside the room), but also had a word Betawi tanji (music).

Tanjidor until the mid-1950s are still entertaining people at the time of celebrating the new year, including ngamen in the city area during Lunar New Year until Cap Go Meh. After that, the orchestra made up of western musical instruments like the clarinet, trombone, trumpet, tenor tuba, side drum, cymbals, ngamen banned in Jakarta. This orchestra music is also affected China seen from the use of flutes, gongs, drums, fiddle. Their music is usually cheerful music, marching like the songs from the Dutch period are usually brought the soldiers.

Selasa, Agustus 11, 2009


"KERETA Satan", so people take the first vehicle in Java that is not drawn by horses or other animals. The point, "KERETA SETAN" who is a motorcycle make people are surprised who see "KERETA SETAN" this drift. They so upset with the bike that can run fast with the own vehicle is also given the name of "train the devil."

In fact the KERETA SETAN is the first vehicle in Java. So, not a car that comes in first, but a motorcycle. The first person to have this train is a machinist at the Umbul Sugar Factory, near Probolinggo. John C Potter, he is not the English people but Probolinggo.

Potter, as mentioned by JJ de Vries in Jaarboek van Batavia en Omstreken, Batavia, to make-up to Hildebrand and Wolfmuller - the factory owners as well as motorcycle inventor - exhaustion explore Probolinggo city location because they must send the order motorcycles, the name of Potter, from the Germany to the corner of East Java epoch.

Hildebrand and Wolfmuller recorded as the first inventor in the motorcycle world in 1893. Both of their names become the name of a motorcycle manufacturer, Hildebrand Und Wolfmuller. JJ de Vries wrote, even for people about in the 20th century, findings motorcycle Hildebrand and Wolfmuller considered miraculous. How people can be in the past dumbfounded with a motorcycle that runs without chains, clutch, magnet, even without the battery and cables.

Motorcycle only use two horizontal and two cylindrical tubes with a heated fuel naphta (yellow oil). To run it takes 20 minutes. This motor is found dead in 1932. Carcass is then re-arranged as antiques and placed in the museum traffic Surabaya.

Speaking of motorcycles, and this weekend, 8 and 9 August, Large Motor Club (MBC) DKI Jakarta will hold events in the area of Old City Park is concentrated in the General Assembly Fatahillah including MBC in the Museum Bank Mandiri. The event themed "Batavia Bike Week" is held for the first time as an awareness group in an effort to introduce this historic area in Jakarta, while distributing the hobby to the big motor.

Sabtu, Agustus 08, 2009

Puppet Weekend in Kota Tua, Jakarta

Day of the Proclamation, the activities in the Kota Tua, Jakarta are pile. This just reminds people that this thirst for activity in the area of historical Jakarta. Activities from 13 August will continue to progress towards the inclusion of fasting period. Activities take place not only in the morning or afternoon, but also to the early days.

Wayang weekend, People's Party, and The Kota Tua Festival will warm atmosphere in Kota Tua, especially Fatahillah Park, next weekend. Wayang weekend which will be opened on August 13 nights will open with Drama Betawi with the act of taking Fatahillah. The next night, puppet show will be held until the early hours Sunday. Wayang weekend will lasted until August 19 and in addition to puppet performance, a program that will include exhibitions, among other images, such as regular performance puppet shadow play purwa, and seminars on governance showroom Puppet Museum. Hajatan Wayang at Taman Fatahillah will resume in the Museum Wayang start date of August 16-19.

Purwa Puppet most popular among the Java community than other types of puppets such as the Wayang Madya, Wayang Gedhog, Wayang Dupara, and Wayang Warta. The Wayang Purwa have more value in a flow and story script could accommodate a variety of actual problems that developed in the community, the number of more prominent, more diverse character, and the dramatic story used as a reference for another puppet show.

Purwa Puppet Show is effective counseling as media, education, propaganda, and so forth. Even among the traditional Javanese, Purwa Puppet show skin work for the interests of private rituals (birth, circumcision, hajatan, mitoni (praying in seven months for those who are pregnant) and the media to deal with natural mites (Ruwatan sukerta, nyadran (the fasting), sedhekah bumi, suran (satu suro).

The puppet show is made of carved wood and shaped in accordance with the story actor for example from the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Shapes similar dolls (doll in the Java language means that the dolls) that were given clothes / clothing, cloth, and a shawl. In performance can appear more alive with a three-dimensional form that can be driven from his head to the body so as to be unimpeded by hand manipulator.

Since the Wayang Museum inaugurated, August 13, 1975, until 5400 there is now a collection of the archipelago and abroad. In the museum collection is full of all types of puppets, among others, such as Indonesia's Wayang Kulit, Wayang Golek, Patung Wayang, Wayang Topeng, Wayang Beber. In addition, the display dolls and puppets from other countries such as Thailand, China, France, England, Poland, and Vietnam.

Back at the ceremony at Taman Fatahillah, beside Puppet weekend, at the same time also held Pesta Rakyat that will held at 13 and 14 August through to the annual event Jakarta Municipality Government, The Old Town Festival.

Head of Technical Unit (UPT) Wayang Museum, Dachlan, said, opening the Pekan Wayang the United States Embassy symbolically will submit related assistance to the museum. "Help in the form of experts. We are requested perfection storage (collection of storage space), this is more useful than making vitrin (save the collection on display)," he said.

Other assistance that is already is bound for the website, conservation puppet, puppet road show, and promotions. Making vitrin is not necessary because this museum has a vitrin. "I hope this kind of help we get will be from France.

Minggu, Agustus 02, 2009

INtroduce Makassar with Jazz Festival

MAKASSAR-INDONESIA, a jazz festival that will involve the jazz musicians in the country in Benteng Fort Rotterdam 1-2 later in August is intended to introduce to the international world.

Chairman of the committee as well as the presentation, Hendra Sinadia, in a press meet in Benteng Fort Rotterdam, Makassar, Friday (31 / 7), say, a jazz festival event was first held this is one of the efforts to introduce the egotism to the outside world.

"Jazz festival of this kind we have made a campaign tool in the international world, hopefully, what we are trying can provide benefits to Makassar, including tourism can create more developed in the future," he said.

Head of Culture and Tourism Office in Makassar City, Edy Kosasih Parawangsa said every good performance with the aim of course is rightly to be supported together, either by society or government.

"We of course the government will strongly support the event like this. However, when would that it could be sustainable in every year," he said.

A number of jazz musicians who will also appear in the meet the press, and among Gilang Ramadan, Zarro, Indra Aziz, Paul T-Five, Willy, Donny Sujono, Ivan, and host of Jazz musicians, Andi Manggara.

Senin, Juli 27, 2009

Nature Study in Godong Ijo

Dozens of children seen surrounded tortoise pen giant land located behind the Godong Ijo Cafe has not been this long. Godong Ijo itself is a tourist area of ornamental plants which are located in Jalan Raya Cinangka Km 10 No. 60, Serua, Sawangan, Kota Depok.

Children of primary school age (SD) was seen engrossed the turtle who reputedly the largest in the world. Some of them have tried to hold the shell turtle is. There is also a rub-Wipe the turtle is.

Although surrounded, turtles are not felt destroyed behavior by children. As though the turtle understand that children do not intend evil.

Finance and Administration Manager Godong Ijo Jane Nadaek explain, other than the tortoise, python is in the sights of management is also reputedly the largest in the world.

"Children who come here do not see or simply watch the animals, but can also touch. There are instructors who give referrals," he said.

"Interaction with the reptiles is to improve self-confidence and courage of children. During this tour a lot of places that have only natural animal buffalo," said Jane Nadaek.

Friends of nature
In addition to touring the area as ornamental plants, Godong Ijo is a natural tourist attractions that have been achieved with the achievement get three se-ranked Indonesia as the Healthy Regions Tourism 2009 given by Ministry of Tourism.

"Godong Ijo very concerned with the nature, because that is the achievement of Healthy Tourism Regions achieve. Concern is mainly in the embed program since early love of nature to children," said the Head of Section at the Tourism Office of Youth, Sports, Tourism, Arts and Culture City of Depok, Lukmanto, not this old.

Jane Nadaek add, beside show hundreds of ornamental plant species whose numbers reach thousands of trees, Godong Ijo have excellent programs in invites children love nature. Programs are natural friends.

Friendly natures of the concept, see, and feel the program is an educational environment that is packed in accordance with the child to grow flowers.

"Interaction with the animals directly reptiles such as snakes, a giant lizard, turtle ashore giant learning experience and make a very valuable and unforgettable," he said.

In addition to learning as a natural location for children, in Godong Ijo Asri we can also enjoy healthy food at Cafe Combrong and of course buy decorative plants, such as Adenium, Aglonema, and palm.

Jumat, Juli 24, 2009

Bidadari Island is Nature Island

FROM Bidadari Island, we can see the beautiful City of Jakarta in the evening clearly. It's not far from the capital, creating one of the islands in the Thousand Islands tourist area this often.

Distance from Pulau Bidadari from Beach Marina Ancol, North Jakarta, approximately 14 kilometers. Distance using a speedboat about 20 minutes. Pulau Bidadari only initially empty land, forests, bushes, and no uninhabited gradually developed into the resort island, a mix between nature conservation, historical sites, recreational and sea.

On 28 February 1975, the governor of DKI Jakarta, Ali Sadikin, appointed PT SEABREEZ Indonesia to develop the "Island of Pain Management" (Bidadari Island), Pulau Cipir (Khayangan Island) and Pulau Nirwana which at that time in the blank with the center of the activities Thousand Islands nautical tourism.

However, in 1985, former Governor of DKI Jakarta R Soeprapto recalls Khayangan Island and Pulau Nirwana with the intent that Indonesia PT SEABREEZ can concentrate more to develop Pulau Bidadari.

Pulau Bidadari have ownership certificates HGB 225 2003 covering 3.6 hectares (ha) in the name of PT Indonesia SEABREEZ or 60 percent of the total area of Pulau Bidadari. They also use right certificate No. 19 of 2.4 ha, or 40 percent of the total area of Pulau Bidadari in the name of the local government of DKI Jakarta as fasos and fasum in Pulau Bidadari.

Geography Bidadari Island 106 is 44.8 degrees East Longitude (BT) and 6 latitude 02.2 degrees South (LS), among the group of island Onrust, Khayangan Island, Island kelor, and Pulau Ayer. The island area is including villages Untung Jawa, Kepulauan Seribu Selatan District and Thousand Islands District Administration.

Pulau Bidadari have advantages compared with other islands, namely more than 60 percent of the island consists of plants rare trees such as bulging, the tree of peace (baringtonia exelsa), ebony tree (diospyros maritama), sentigi tree (pempis acidula), glodokan tree , some fruit trees, and mangrove forest that saved and well maintained.

In fact, the whole beach is white sand with natural sea water is relatively clean and clear. There are also community biawak (veranus salvator) who live more freely with a population less than 100 head of protected and highly familiar with humans. Also living community elang bondol (halias Indus) which is a type of bird that is almost extinct and is protected.

To strengthen the atmosphere of a natural nature, the whole building using the concept of coastal homes with a variety of wood and the main building to use the concept of traditional Manado, pier labuh use ironwood and the gazebo on the beach along the roof of bamboo and sago palm.

There is also a history of the site Dutch heritage in the fortress in 1786 with a diameter of approximately 23 meters with a wall thickness 2.55 meters and 6 meters high building. This fortress made of red stone. In a few cannon, the remnants of ancient mortar and kept saved.

The need for clean water can be obtained from the fresh water source Bidadari Island that there are not many in the other islands in the Thousand Islands. While the electric power generated from diesel power (genset). Bidadari Island has 49 cottages consist of three types, namely of 23 deluxe cottages, 20 family cottages, suites and six cottages.

For the purpose of meeting / party, a two-room multi-purpose hall (MPH) with a capacity of 100 each and 40 people. This place also provides the facility outbond training, both at sea and ashore, in cooperation with training institutions. The most major, Bidadari Island provides the main menu is a seafood restaurant. The raw material obtained directly from fishermen in a fresh condition.

Menu-menu favorites such as soup rajungan, green cooked shellfish butter, baby stingrey, and fish head soup. Barbeque party on the night of the event is the most impressive and honored visitors. Facilities for water recreation on the island of Bidadari provided the jet ski, banana boat, cannoe, boat excursions, fishing pier, and fishing chart. There is also a form of support facilities billiard hall, gift shop, basketball field, volleyball, musala, jogging track, and others.

From the market, in the Thousand Islands region there are 12 resort islands joined to the association of the Thousand Islands Wisata Bahari (Perwita PUSRI), ie the Pantara, uninteresting, Putri, Bira, Sun, Grid, kul-kul, Eastern Box, Laki, Birds , Ayer, and Bidadari.

With a population of visitors who average in the five years of 120,000 people per year. In the last five years, Pulau Bidadari visited an average of 35,000 people per year. Thus, the Island Bidadari to take the market share of 29.1 percent of the population of visitors tour Thousand Islands. Bidadari Island visitors are mostly made up of a group of large companies that hold meetings and family gathering.

Group for family vacation, small group to party, and a group of photographers photo sesion prewedding. They came from Bandung Jabodetabek plus. Concerning the achievements that have been obtained for the resort island of Bidadari level DKI Jakarta is Adikarya I in Tourism 1995, Tourism Adikarya 11 in 1997, and Adikaryaotam Tour in 2001. The national level is Adikarya Tourism in 2002

Sabtu, Juli 18, 2009

The Village at Lake Toba

The Village at Lake Toba

Visiting Medan, North Sumatra, has not felt full before set foot and explore the small village on the island of Samosir, Tomok.

From Jakarta, it takes more time for less than two hours to reach Medan, North Sumatra. Airlines will feel comfortable with available from a height, especially when the plane would crash. Verdure, and tree-lined row of palm oil plantations spread wide felt refreshing views from a height. The atmosphere feels cool when you see the river bend with sheen like water from a height of silver.

Landed in the International Polonia Airport in Medan, traditional environment is felt. Moreover, when the airport saw the roof of building is styled as Medan traditional style ala Singapore, with a high roof-shaped triangle. Meanwhile, Polonia Airport distance to the center of Medan, only applied for approximately ten minutes. Tourism object most domestic tourists visited the world is Lake Toba Parapat with a broad reach as far as the eyes look.

Navigate the streets of Medan in the morning felt comfortable, modern building in long of the street like Jakarta. Here is not seen in traditional buildings along the street in this city. In fact, a quite surprising is the emergence of a building with China’s architecture, in Kesawan Road, from the roof to the carving-carved look all the thick feel of China.

In fact, the building with China architecture is a residence of Chinese descent who is familiar with fie Tjong A (1860-1921). Tjong A fie was a businessman and banker from the famous Chinese city Medan. Tjong A fie years died in 1921.

Entering Parapat, greenness and freshness of the air blow breezy feel very entertaining, let alone see the greenness of rubber trees and oil palm plantations to make the scene come silih main switch from the car window. Paving the hill turn make all the troupe does not stop praising the beauty of this city.

In Parapat, tourists can perform a variety of activities. You can swim, ride bicycle water, walk and enjoy the fringe of the beach, all fun. Around the lake also can be rented with the boat motor. A variety of lodgings, there are here, ranging from simple to much-star hotels are available.

Not different from the place of another crossing, in the Central Parapat also many children with a small rowing boat cried out that the passenger ship the coin toss money into their lake. With their skill children be naked chest this dive and find a coin that was thrown.

Lake Toba has its own form, such as the sea, because the very large size. Noted, the lake has long about 100 km and 30 km wide. Meanwhile, Samosir Island is also very knowledgeable. Take about eight hours to circumnavigate the island in my car.

Travel with 8 KM Toba Cruise takes approximately 30 minutes, the water of the lake and the blue of the interest does not stop all the presented when the lake is the island of Samosir. Row of the distance from buildings and churches in the height of the hill make a trip with 8 KM Toba Cruise feels romantic. Not to mention the wind blast and enjoy the water jump porthole. From the top of this ship, is also visible EGIDE Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia was exiled, with the design of the building be painted with white magnificent.

And, 30 minutes on the Toba Cruise KM 8, entourage starts to enter the Port of Tourism Tomok, District Simarindo, Medan, and North Sumatra. A wharf tower is visible, with the traditional Batak carvings, namely a pair of spot.

Proof of Batak ethnic harmony enshrined in the monument welcome this bas-relief with each pair of clothes with traditional Simalungun, Toba Karo, Pak-Pak, Mandailing, and written with great Horas and Welcome Tomok.

Hidden Temple at Tanah Sunda

Hidden Temple at Tanah Sunda

Cangkuang Temple is located in the middle of a lake in the natural Kampung Pulo, Cangkuang area, Leles District, Garut, West Java. Berketinggian this place 600 meters above sea level is circled the mountains; they are Mount Haruman, Kadaleman Sand, Sand Gadung, Guntur, Malang, Mandalawangi, and Kaledong.

Hindu temple on the legacy to the century-8 is located in the middle of the lake so that it looks unique. This temple is also the first time and found the only Hindu temple in the land of Sunda. Community around temple called Candi Cangkuang. The name is taken from the family tree cangkuang (Pandanus furcatus), which are mushrooming in the area at the time of first temple.

Cangkuang temple was first found in December 1966 by Uka Tjandrasasmita (Writing History Team member West Java) based on reports Vorderman (1893) on the remains of sculpture Dewa Siwa and Muhammad Arif ancestral graves in the area Cangkuang.

In addition to temples, the research team also found a number of locations in the temple artifact originating from the four cultures, namely neolitcum, megaliticum, Hindu, and Islam. Pelita II, namely in the year 1974 until 1977, temple reconstruction can be completed. The temple building Cangkuang very simple, which is made of andesite stone without any relief. 8.5 meter high temple (m) building with a foot of 4.5 mx 4.5 m. This temple has one room with the door facing east.

Inside the temple there is a s Siwa tatue as 62 cm. Although the condition is still good but can not topple the general opinion is that developing in West Java there is no temple. And most people know the city Garut, West Java, a production with its dodol oeuvre. Cangkuang temple is located in the middle of a lake (the lake) in the natural Kampung Pulo, Cangkuang area, Leles District, Garut, West Java.

This place is a valley with an altitude of 600 meters above sea level be circled the mountain, ie, Mount Haruman, Kadaleman Sand, Sand Gadung, Guntur, Malang, Mandalawangi, and Kaledong. From Garut city center, this place is around 17 km. Not far from the square (the center of the field), from the direction toward Tasikmalaya Bandung, in the street have the green board guide also reads Cangkuang temple, complete with a direction sign panahnya.

Together with my friends, Mono, direct the car swerve to the left. At the mouth of the road there is a line drawn normal gig is a horse, we slow the pace vehicle for the road that did not fit too wide. Travel is diverting, at the far left and right eye looked disuguhi of the green rice paddy fields in the berundak-undak.

Akan but do not terlena, remain cautious because the pavement is sometimes perforated. Approximately 13 km have been followed; we met the road fork, then according to our guide that is not fully lead. "Sorry, Sir, if want to Cangkuang temple straight or right," ask me to a father who was being treated sawahnya.

The father was friendly with the purpose of showing us the direction. So, do not worry about the wrong way because there are very friendly and shows the direction of our destination. We also had time to stop in a field that small place was quite high and we can see the temple complex Cangkuang located in the middle of the lake from the top.

After that, we continue the search for a place that allows for parking of vehicles. Approximately 2 km of land we found was quite broad and we titipkan while the local population. Then, go again with the journey on foot through the lake.

Around in the lake, we see houses and a typical local resident who is fishing with a net or fishing rod. After some walking as far as 1 km, we will meet a bamboo house, no other place Cangkuang temple tour manager, as well as counter incoming payment plus rent a raft to cross the lake.

"However, why do not we park the vehicle just nearby," said Mono laughing while tickled. And indeed, in the area near the counter area available for vehicle parking.

Local residents also said that there are two alternative routes, short routes can not be passed by four-wheel drive and full path of the second path that can be passed by four-wheel vehicle to the location (the entrance counters crossing).

And to go to temple complex, we have to cross the lake using a raft that has been provided by the manager, about Rp3.000 per person. With the entry ticket is quite cheap Rp2.000 (adult) and for children enough Rp1.000 per person. Temple complex is shaped like a small island and just around the temple on foot only.

Lodging In the city of Garut is very much. For more close to the temple, you can choose lodging that is located in Cipanas, Garut. Here, there is a wide range of hotels. Price range starts Rp75.000-2000000. In addition, the confusion does not need to find a place to eat in Garut, because there are various types of restaurants, ranging up to the typical Sundanese other types of cuisine.

Towards the evening, decided to leave Kampung Pulo. Create a comfortable place where we do not want to go home.

Jumat, Mei 29, 2009

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is formed from Sangkuriang Story. Sangkuriang wanted merry her mother Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi declined his request because of he was her son. Sangkuriang have not known if Dayang Sumbi was his mother. Sangkuriang have cased away by his mother because of he killed his father (a Dewa or God that cased away from heaven and cursed because of he was falling in love with a women from the earth / human. He cursed be a dog, and Sangkuriang did not know that this dog was his father. He killed this dog because he was angry with him. The dog did not want to accompany him to look for branches to cook).

After Sangkuriang grownup to be a handsome man, he met with her mother. He was spellbound with Dayang Sumbi’s comeliness. (Dayang Sumbi was not be a old women because of she married with a God and she was be a beautiful women forever till she met her death). When Dayang Sumbi saw Sangkuriang, she remembered with her husband. She was falling in love in second time. And then, they were a couple. But, on a day, when Sangkuriang went to take a bath, he opened his clothe. And in that time, Dayang Sumbi saw his birth vestige. She was conscious that Sangkuriang was her son that she had cased away yet.

But Sangkuriang did not want to know. He loved Dayang Sumbi, and he wanted to marry her soon. He knew that Dayang Sumbi was his mother but he did not want to approve it. He still coercive Dayang Sumbi to be his wife. So Dayang Sumbi make a condition. She would be Sangkuriang’s Wife if Sangkuriang make a lake and a dugout in one night. Sangkuriang approved it.

Sangkuriang worked hardly. And before sunrise was coming, his work would be finished. Dayang Sumbi knew it. She prayed to the God to made sunrise come earlier. And God gave her petition. He made sunrise came earlier. And Sangkuriang failed.

He kicked the dugout. The dugout flied away and fell over the ground prone. And this dugout was a mountain. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain.

This story is be a land mark in Bandung City (West Java). And nowadays Tangkuban Perahu be one of recreation place in Indonesia

Rabu, Mei 27, 2009

the Corporation of Indonesia and Malaysia

Indonesia and Malaysia are joining hands to hunt down pirates who hijacked a Japanese-registered boat in the Straits o Malacca and kidnapped three seamen.

Indonesia navy spokesman Commodore Abdul Malik Yusuf said the Navy had dispatched three vessels to the area, near Penang and Pangkor island, where the boat was believed to have been attacked.

“We are cooperating with the Malaysian and Singaporean navies in chasing (the pirates),” Abdul Malik told The Jakarta Post on Thuesday.

A gang of about 15 armed off Malaysia’s Penang Island on Monday night. Holding the boat’s Japanese captain Nuboa Inoa, boat’s Chief engginer Shunyi Kuroa and a Filipino crewman Ido Gardo captive. The attack came just three days after an Indonesian-registered tanker was hijacked by 35 heavily armed pirates and abducted a captain and a chief engineer, whose fate remains uncertain.

At least seven people have been arrested or hoarding and selling fuel at higher prices than that set by the government.

City police natural resources crime Chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Ahmad Haydar said many fueal agents who were supposed to sell kerosene to factories for a higher profit.

The government has set the price of kerosene for household at Rp 700 per liter and at Rp 2,200 per liter for industry.

Ahmad said many agents licensed to sell, kerosene to household took advantage of the price gap by selling most of their stock to factories.

Many housewives, especially in Greater, Jakarta, have complained that the price of kerosene was too high from then and they had use firewood for cooking.

On Feb, 22 police arrested two agents for illegal setting and hoarding fuel. On Feb, 28 police arrested two other people for hoarding 20 tons o kerosene. On March 3, police detained a man only identified as SH in Jaka Sampurna, Bekasi, with more than 80 tons of kerosene, and another main in Cilincing, North Jakarta, identified as Ag With 30 tons of diesel oil.

Three people were sentenced to lie imprisonment on Thuesday for killing two female student of popular Muslim preacher. Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa’ Gym). The sentence was n accordance with prosecutor’s demands.

Presiding judge Jihad Arkarnuddin said that the stiff sentence handed down to Robert, Jasmiko and Evan Roji was because it had been proven beyond reasonable doubt thet they were guilty of robbery with violence and causing death.

After the trial, a commotion broke out when a crowd of hundreds of people, rush the three convicts and attacked them.

A policeman who tried to break up the riot was hit by a student. Several students were detained, but later released.

The two season in Indonesia

Indonesia is located in a strategic position. It lies between two continents, Asia and Australia and between two oceans, the pacific and the Indian ocean or samudera Indonesia. It also lies under the equator with tropical climate. Because of the position, Indonesia has two seasons, the dry and the rainy seasons. The rainy season is from November to April.

The dry season is from May to October. During the seasons, Indonesia does not have rain. But sometimes, it rains with little rain-fall. The land is dry. Farmers grow another crops, such as: cassavas and corns. It is hot during the season.

The wet season is November to April. During the seasons, Indonesia has much rain. Usually it rains everyday with high rain-fall. The land is wet and muddy. Farmers grow rice. It is cold during the season. The air is humid. And it often happen flood.

Jumat, Mei 22, 2009



Badminton has surprisingly long history. It is derived from the game of battledore and shuttlecocks played in ancient Greece, India and China. In India it was called Poona. The British officials in India learn how to play the game and took it to England. Badminton took its name from Badminton House in Gloucestershire, the home of the Duke of Beaufort, where the sport was played in 1873. by coincidence, Gloucestershire is now the base for the International Badminton Federation.

IBF was founded in 1934 with nine members – Canada, Denmark, England, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales. There was a notable increase in new members after its inclusion in the Olympic Games at Barcelona. Development in the sport continues and the current 142 members are expected to increase further.

The first major IBF tournament was the Thomas Cup (world men’s team championships) in 1948. Since then, the number of world events has increase with the addition of the Uber Cup (ladies’ team), All England (individual), World Championships, Sudirman Cup (mixed team), World Juniors and the World Grand Pix. Up till now, only five countries are said to be big badminton countries, which dominate the badminton tournaments and produce international class player. They are Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea and Denmark. Event in the Thomas Cup, only tree countries have ever won it, namely Indonesia (winning 13 times), Malaysia (winning 5 times) and China (winning 4 times).

New competitions are planed including one-off spectaculars and the development of a Super Series. It is anticipated that these will attract greater sponsorship, prize money and television. In these days of mass communication, the role of television in a world sport is self evident. Television brings the action, the excitement and the explosive power of badminton into homes around the world. It pulls in the crowd to watch the action live; it also pulls in major sponsors.

Badminton has a rich history and its future looks even brighter. After its inclusion in the Olympic Games, more countries are developing the game. We hope that the game will be as great as football or basketball.

Rabu, Mei 20, 2009

The Digestive System

When you are hungry and you smell dinner, your mouth waters. This is the first step in changing the food you eat into the kind of food that cells can use. This change is called digestion and it begin in the mouth.

Suppose you are eating sandwich. Your front teeth cut and tear the sandwich. The molars grind it, salvia, the juice in the mouth, gets everything moist.

Salvia also contains a type of chemical called an enzyme. It starts breaking down the starch of the bread into sugar.

The moist ball of the food is carried to the back of the mouth by the tongue. Muscles force the food into to esophagus, behind the windpipe. Other muscle force the food to esophagus. They do their work so well that the food would travel along even if the person were doing a headstand.

TheOlyimpic Game

The ancient Olympic grew out of religious festivals that many Greek cities held to honour their gods. Athletic contest, like foot racing and wresting, were part of these festivals. As Greece became a bigger and more important country, the cities started holding a large festival as a sign of unity. They eventually chose a place called Olympia to hold the festival party because if its many religious temples. Every four years, all wars were stopped as the country came together to honour the god Zeus.

These early Olympics each lasted between one and three days, but from around 400 BC, the festival was a full five days as more and more events were added. Many if these events are still held today, like running races, the javelin, the discus, wrestling and boxing.

Even though the Olympics had been held for hundreds of years, the first time any none kept track of the winners was in 776 BC. A cook named Coroebus was the first champion listed, winning a race of about 210 yards. At that time, winners were presented with a simple olive tree branch which was cut with a gold-handled knife from a wild olive tree. The Greeks believed that the vitality of the sacred tree was transmitted to the recipient through the branch.

During the 1000 years after those first “official” Games in 776 BC, Greece came under Roman rule. After the 293rd Olympics in 393 AD, the Roman emperor Theodosius II declared that the Games would no longer be held and the Olympic movement ended.

The idea to revive the Olympics began 1482 years later. In 1875, a group of German archeologists excavated the ruins of the stadium and temples of Olympia, which had been destroy by an earthquake and buried by a landslide and floods. Their discoveries inspired Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French educator, to organize a modern international Olympics. He felt international competition between amateur athletes would help create friendly relationship between people from other countries.

Coubertin presented his idea in 1894, and at first many people had no interest n the revival of the games, but later on unexpectedly a great number of people supported his idea. Coubertin went on founding the International Olympic Committee would have the responsibility of keeping he amateur spirit o the games alive, and ensuring there were no outside influence involved in the decisions of its members.

Coubertin’s original idea was to hold the moderen Olympic Games in 1990 in Paris, but delegates from 34 countries did not agree with the concept. They convinced him to move up to 1896 and they moved the host to Athens. The Olympics return to the land of its birth and was a great success.

Nowadays, the Olympic Games are the most important international sport events in the world. The Olympics bring together thousands of the world’s finest athletes to compete against one another in numerous individual and team sports. Millions of people have attended the games and more than 1 billion people throughout the world watch the Olympics on television.

Selasa, Mei 19, 2009

Rahwana VS Hanoman

The first of the show was about Rahwana and how he caught Shinta. She struggled hard but she could not escape from him. Then came the fight between Rahwana and the big bird Jatayu. It was a really big bird. Its two wings move up and down all of the time during the fight. But Rahwana was much stronger than the bird and won the fight. He than carried Shinta to his place.

Rama was of course very sad. He than sent Hanuman, the great white monkey warrior, to Rahwana’s place to give his ring to Shinta.

When Indrajit, one of Rahwana’s warrior, caught Hanuman and tried to burn him on a pile of wood, the white monkey jumped out of the fire unhurt.

Hanuman than burned down the Rahwana’s place. The gamelan played loudly and quickly. The fire made everything red and Hanuman danced proudly.

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