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Variety Enchantment of the West End Java

Variety Enchantment of the West End Java

Dozens of seagulls flying over the waters of Cape Lesung, Pandeglang, Banten, when the new Surya published. These birds approaching fishing boats, which contains fish, the catch of the network in bagang

JAKARTA - Some opinions are expressed, creating tourism packages should consider travel time from one object to other attractions. If the travel time from one tourist destination to other destinations too long - say up to four hours - there is the possibility of tourists would get bored.

In this condition, Banten charm enhanced by the many attractions which when arranged flow scheduling, are not too long. Thus, within a couple of hours even tourists can move from one object to other attractions.

In Serang, for example, there are a variety of interesting places to visit, call earthenware-producing region on Earth Jaya, Banten batik in numbers CIPOCOK Bhayangkara District, Anyer Beach, Banten Lama and sites.

Pandeglang District was blessed with the distribution of exotic beaches, such as Carita, Cape Lesung, and Umang Island. In this Pandeglang also have Ujung Kulon National Park which is a nature conservation area where one-horned rhino habitats, endangered species.

In addition to natural attractions, Banten was rich with exquisite artistic traditions is considered. Art is, among others, terbang gede, Rampak bedug, and a variety of interesting dance. Considering this, Banten has obvious potential in the field of tourism.

In trial trip package tours in Jakarta some time ago, the Chairman of ASITA Jakarta Ng Sembiring Bana had to remind the importance of the type of vehicles used to carry tourists to the width of the narrowness of the road to an area.

This is important because if the bus is used too fat, then the vehicle will be trouble if they have to turn or pass on the narrow roads. In the end, there will be a waste of time and can reduce the comfort of tourists to travel.

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