Kamis, September 29, 2011

Ambon Bay Festival Ready to be Held

Ambon Bay Festival in Ambon, Maluku, ready to be held September 30 and October 1, 2011. The festival which lasts for two days, a momentum to restore the image of Maluku after riots occurred in several areas in Ambon, 11 September.

"Convening this event is an attempt to show that Ambon Maluku or safe for tourist visits," said Head of Culture and Tourism Florence Sahusilawane Maluku, Ambon, on Thursday (29/09/2011).

In the festival, competitions will be held privately. Three of the four eyes of the race are closely related to traditions and culture of the people of Maluku.

The race was among them, arumbae manggurebe or arumbae traditional boat race. Arumbae was formerly used as a boat war society. There are ten groups of participants who plan to race. They not only come from Ambo n but also of the Ceram and Saparua.

Then race the traditional fishing boat with a fishing pole and traditionally is planned to be followed by the 104 boats. In addition, hosts boat races (bercadik) which pengayuhnya were women. They will be using the traditional clothing of Maluku, clothing Cele. Already there are 30 groups and boats have signed up to follow this race.

Last is the swimming relay race with a pool lane from the north side of Ambon Bay (Cape Martafons) and finished on the south side of the Bay of Ambon (Galala). Already there are 40 teams; each team amounted to two swimmers, who will follow this race.

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