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Human-headed Snake Found in Probolinggo

Human-headed Snake Found in Probolinggo

It is believed to be supernatural beings of human-headed snake-shaped small or termed jenglot, horrendous Sukoharjo citizens of District, Sub Mayangan, Probolinggo, Monday (8/2/2010).

More About Jenglot
A jenglot is a type of mysterious creature or vampire in Indonesian and Malaysian culture and mythology. It is described as looking much like a tiny, living human doll. It is usually depicted as a mythical creature, sometimes seen in crypto zoology, and occasionally purported to have actually been a human body.

Jenglot is believed to be found in Indonesia, especially in Java. They are mostly found by native psychics after they have performed a supernatural ceremony. Jenglots are said to be found anywhere, from under the ground, on a wrecked house roof, and even in the trunk of a huge tree.

Jenglot 'keepers' feed their creature with blood, either animal blood (goat) or human blood. Those who feed the creature with human blood buy it legally from the Indonesian Red Cross. The jenglot is said to not drink the blood directly. The person places the jenglot near the blood, but the jenglot doesn't even move or touch the blood. It is said that the jenglot will get the nutrients of the blood in their own way. Some say it comes alive and consumes the blood when it is alone.

In Indonesia there has been several "exhibitions" of jenglot specimens found and showcased. Most being found on the islands of Java and Sumatra, and are held as private collections of supernatural researchers and fans. Many were found to be hoaxes, being masterful taxidermist fixings of monkeys and fish, however, not all specimens were examined, and the jenglot is an actively believed myth that many natives believe to be real. People who have caught the jenglot usually bring their creature all over Indonesia to exhibit them in order to gain some money.

According to an Indonesian legend, Jenglot was a monk who wanted to learn the "Ilmu Bethara Karang" or the way to eternal life. They say if a person with great supernatural power meditates in a certain cave, they'll become jenglot.

But this Jenglot is different jenglot commonly found in some areas. Usually only a small shape with long hair loose to touch the tip of the foot. Nails in his hands and feet too long.

However, the horrendous jenglot these citizens have characteristics height of about 10 cm in diameter and the size of the big toe, up to waist-length hair, scaly skin and no legs, but has a tail that curled most of the 15 cm.

Jenglot that resembles the human-headed snake was first discovered by searchers geckos, Holis (45) from Kelurahan Sukoharjo, Sub Mayangan, about five days ago.

According Holis, he found a strange creature on the embankment in the area of District fields Jrebeng, Probolinggo Indonesia. At that time he was chasing geckos. However, he was startled by a passing shadow not far from the place.

Immediately, Holis also known to have the spiritual ability to pursue the black shadow. However, he was surprised to see snakes around the bushes in front dike fields. Using spiritual readings he held the snake's tail with a holding timber.

He admitted surprise that the serpent's tail like a human head with long hair. "I then caught him and brought him home," he said.

When questioned further about how to catch and bring the snake into the house, seemed reluctant to talk Holis length.

"Anyway I do not use any ritual. I just caught it, "he said.

In fact, when some electronic journalists to interview them, Holis not willing. "Do me," he said then walked into the middle of his left journalists.

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