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7 Enchantment of Siem Reap

Siem Reap, the former army headquarters city of the country controlled by bloodthirsty ruler of the Khmer Rouge, now developed wonderfully into an international tourist destination. Even Siem Reap obtain status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven New Wonders of the World. Though only 20 years ago this area off limits to tourists, local residents were terrorized and dominated by the fear of one of the most brutal regimes in the world.

Today, with ancient ruins in the area of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, a city that is alive and in 2007 received nearly one million visitors through its international airport. While Angkor Wat is the central attraction, but that does not mean the city of Siem Reap do not get attention, by having the facilities of restaurants, museums and galleries the best in the region.

Amazing Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat temple is the largest, most well maintained, has the most intricate designs and most admirable in Indochina, a jewel in the crown of a vast kingdom of Angkor. The temple is a source of national pride and international recognition, encased reliefs of the Hindu epic Ramayana. Like most Hindu temples in Asia, Angkor Wat looks more beautiful at dawn or before sunset, when the sky filled with colors that highlight the five towers.

Nine Figures
For the first Asian to know you have to understand the trust on the continent, and this is seen clearly in the environment of Angkor Thom, a temple that was glued to the number nine. Saying "nine" is similar to the word "development", and almost everything on the temple can be compared to this figure - 54 towers carved, 216 faces in the tower, 54 gods to the left of the entrance, and 54 demons on his right - all these figures can be added up to a point 9.

Other Temples
Another Angkor temple is also famous Ta Prohm, roots of trees surrounded by hundreds of years old. The root of the tree makes Ta Prohm interesting photo so that the objects of successful reaching tourists. Bayon is also known as "Temple's face", and when you are there, easy to understand why the name was girded. Once you climb the stone steps to the shrine inside the temple, when looking up will appear hundreds of stone carving faces looking at you. There is also Banteay Srei, a temple filled with amazing carvings fulfill every inch of stone there. Even with current technology, almost impossible to make the patterns as precisely and as complex as it is in stone sculpture.

River Revitalization
About 50 km northeast of Siem Reap, there is the Thousand Linga River flows into the river in Siem Reap are essentially filled with carvings Linga - the symbol of phallus which is very common in Cambodia. Estimates, carvings were made between 1100-1300 to symbolize fertility. Now the river is a perfect place to enjoy the tropical beauty of Siem Reap.

Tonle Sap
Siem Reap not only has a world famous archaeological sites, but also has one of the largest and most colorful lakes in Southeast Asia. UNESCO has set the Tonle Sap as a biosphere reserve, nature reserve is a habitat for wildlife water several rare birds and became the only river in the world that the water flow changed two times a year.

Contemporary Art
Fine art in Siem Reap is in progress, you can find everything from cheap souvenirs to expensive art work. Some noteworthy places art lovers, among others: the McDermott Gallery, where world-class photography
Angkor and the surrounding area display; The Red Gallery, which has the most diverse collection of contemporary art from Cambodia, and The Asian Craft Center, where various kinds of traditional handicrafts in Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

Photo credits - Travel Aficionado

Colonial Architecture
Siem Reap has colonial era buildings of the French heritage that is now converted properly. Located at the intersection and roundabout calm, the buildings became hotels, restaurants and the best gallery in Siem Reap, like Raffles

Grand Hotel D'Angkor, the most luxurious hotels in the city was founded in 1932. The hotel was once visited by many VIP guests, including King Norodom Sihanouk, Charlie Chaplin, the Sultan of Johor and even Jacqueline Kennedy.
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