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"KERETA Satan", so people take the first vehicle in Java that is not drawn by horses or other animals. The point, "KERETA SETAN" who is a motorcycle make people are surprised who see "KERETA SETAN" this drift. They so upset with the bike that can run fast with the own vehicle is also given the name of "train the devil."

In fact the KERETA SETAN is the first vehicle in Java. So, not a car that comes in first, but a motorcycle. The first person to have this train is a machinist at the Umbul Sugar Factory, near Probolinggo. John C Potter, he is not the English people but Probolinggo.

Potter, as mentioned by JJ de Vries in Jaarboek van Batavia en Omstreken, Batavia, to make-up to Hildebrand and Wolfmuller - the factory owners as well as motorcycle inventor - exhaustion explore Probolinggo city location because they must send the order motorcycles, the name of Potter, from the Germany to the corner of East Java epoch.

Hildebrand and Wolfmuller recorded as the first inventor in the motorcycle world in 1893. Both of their names become the name of a motorcycle manufacturer, Hildebrand Und Wolfmuller. JJ de Vries wrote, even for people about in the 20th century, findings motorcycle Hildebrand and Wolfmuller considered miraculous. How people can be in the past dumbfounded with a motorcycle that runs without chains, clutch, magnet, even without the battery and cables.

Motorcycle only use two horizontal and two cylindrical tubes with a heated fuel naphta (yellow oil). To run it takes 20 minutes. This motor is found dead in 1932. Carcass is then re-arranged as antiques and placed in the museum traffic Surabaya.

Speaking of motorcycles, and this weekend, 8 and 9 August, Large Motor Club (MBC) DKI Jakarta will hold events in the area of Old City Park is concentrated in the General Assembly Fatahillah including MBC in the Museum Bank Mandiri. The event themed "Batavia Bike Week" is held for the first time as an awareness group in an effort to introduce this historic area in Jakarta, while distributing the hobby to the big motor.

Sabtu, Agustus 08, 2009

Puppet Weekend in Kota Tua, Jakarta

Day of the Proclamation, the activities in the Kota Tua, Jakarta are pile. This just reminds people that this thirst for activity in the area of historical Jakarta. Activities from 13 August will continue to progress towards the inclusion of fasting period. Activities take place not only in the morning or afternoon, but also to the early days.

Wayang weekend, People's Party, and The Kota Tua Festival will warm atmosphere in Kota Tua, especially Fatahillah Park, next weekend. Wayang weekend which will be opened on August 13 nights will open with Drama Betawi with the act of taking Fatahillah. The next night, puppet show will be held until the early hours Sunday. Wayang weekend will lasted until August 19 and in addition to puppet performance, a program that will include exhibitions, among other images, such as regular performance puppet shadow play purwa, and seminars on governance showroom Puppet Museum. Hajatan Wayang at Taman Fatahillah will resume in the Museum Wayang start date of August 16-19.

Purwa Puppet most popular among the Java community than other types of puppets such as the Wayang Madya, Wayang Gedhog, Wayang Dupara, and Wayang Warta. The Wayang Purwa have more value in a flow and story script could accommodate a variety of actual problems that developed in the community, the number of more prominent, more diverse character, and the dramatic story used as a reference for another puppet show.

Purwa Puppet Show is effective counseling as media, education, propaganda, and so forth. Even among the traditional Javanese, Purwa Puppet show skin work for the interests of private rituals (birth, circumcision, hajatan, mitoni (praying in seven months for those who are pregnant) and the media to deal with natural mites (Ruwatan sukerta, nyadran (the fasting), sedhekah bumi, suran (satu suro).

The puppet show is made of carved wood and shaped in accordance with the story actor for example from the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Shapes similar dolls (doll in the Java language means that the dolls) that were given clothes / clothing, cloth, and a shawl. In performance can appear more alive with a three-dimensional form that can be driven from his head to the body so as to be unimpeded by hand manipulator.

Since the Wayang Museum inaugurated, August 13, 1975, until 5400 there is now a collection of the archipelago and abroad. In the museum collection is full of all types of puppets, among others, such as Indonesia's Wayang Kulit, Wayang Golek, Patung Wayang, Wayang Topeng, Wayang Beber. In addition, the display dolls and puppets from other countries such as Thailand, China, France, England, Poland, and Vietnam.

Back at the ceremony at Taman Fatahillah, beside Puppet weekend, at the same time also held Pesta Rakyat that will held at 13 and 14 August through to the annual event Jakarta Municipality Government, The Old Town Festival.

Head of Technical Unit (UPT) Wayang Museum, Dachlan, said, opening the Pekan Wayang the United States Embassy symbolically will submit related assistance to the museum. "Help in the form of experts. We are requested perfection storage (collection of storage space), this is more useful than making vitrin (save the collection on display)," he said.

Other assistance that is already is bound for the website, conservation puppet, puppet road show, and promotions. Making vitrin is not necessary because this museum has a vitrin. "I hope this kind of help we get will be from France.

Minggu, Agustus 02, 2009

INtroduce Makassar with Jazz Festival

MAKASSAR-INDONESIA, a jazz festival that will involve the jazz musicians in the country in Benteng Fort Rotterdam 1-2 later in August is intended to introduce to the international world.

Chairman of the committee as well as the presentation, Hendra Sinadia, in a press meet in Benteng Fort Rotterdam, Makassar, Friday (31 / 7), say, a jazz festival event was first held this is one of the efforts to introduce the egotism to the outside world.

"Jazz festival of this kind we have made a campaign tool in the international world, hopefully, what we are trying can provide benefits to Makassar, including tourism can create more developed in the future," he said.

Head of Culture and Tourism Office in Makassar City, Edy Kosasih Parawangsa said every good performance with the aim of course is rightly to be supported together, either by society or government.

"We of course the government will strongly support the event like this. However, when would that it could be sustainable in every year," he said.

A number of jazz musicians who will also appear in the meet the press, and among Gilang Ramadan, Zarro, Indra Aziz, Paul T-Five, Willy, Donny Sujono, Ivan, and host of Jazz musicians, Andi Manggara.

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