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Takabonerate - The Coral Heaven

Not many know that the National Park Takabonerate, Selayar Island regency, South Sulawesi, lays the 3rd largest coral islands in the world after Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands and the Maldives Islands Suvadiva. If you already visited the center in Bulukumba pinisi boats don’t forget to cross the wade into these waters.

Waves slapping wooden ship with capacity 20 people were slowly tame. The traveler's eyes fixed on the sea that glowed in the distance. Gradations of blue and green water surrounded the coral that pops up. "Wow, is that atoll (coral)," asked Piotr Kordas (30), a tourist from Poland with a tone of awe.

Atoll is one type of coral islands are formed from skeletons of sea creatures is microscopic.

With the broad reach 220,000 hectares, atoll in the Flores Sea is like a strand lapislazuli and emeralds are "embeddable" in a stretch of ocean. In fact, the photos are scattered on various internet pages were not able to compete in this atoll sensation when witnessed firsthand.

As an initial illustration, look at the map. From Makassar boat sail 240 kilometers to the southeast or five-hour overland journey to Bulukumba. From there, you can wade through the Bira Port to Pamatata Port - Selayar Island with distance of 80 kilometers or about two hours away by fast boat.

Arriving at Pamatata, continue road trip as far as 60 kilometers or an hour towards the Citadel, the district capital Selayar Islands. Then, from Pier Pattumbukang at the Fort, visitors return to the region crossed Takabonerate. Two islands that could be an option is Jinato and Tinabo Great equally are pursued through the eight-hour cruise with a timber ship.

To save time, available Sabang Merauke Air Charter aircraft this flies Makassar-Selayar. By plane with22 people capacity, you can arrive at the airport Aroepalla, Selayar, within 40 minutes.

Sailing into Takabonerate is actually comparable to the experience on board. When I visit in order Takabonerate Festival, 19-22 November, there are sunny weather and relatively calm seas. However, South Sulawesi Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo have to deal with bad weather and big waves that pick up the helicopter finally get to the island Jinato.

Weather and waves that cannot be predicted is one of the challenges to get to this location. You choose the sea route should prepare the drug.

Heaven atoll

As the name implies, Takabonerate means coral island in the sand. Coral species in this area is the coral reef barrier (barrier reef), fringing reefs (fringing reef), and coral reefs ring (atoll).

The three types of reefs are composed by biodiversity, ranging from live coral, dead coral, algae, seagrass beds, up to a mound of sand or Bungin (sand dunes). Coral is home to at least 362 species of reef fish, such as from family Chaetodontidae, Labridae, Scaridae, and 261 types of coral.

Coming to Takabonerate is mean preparing for a challenging marine tourism. In addition to the atoll, in the national park there are 21 grouping of islands that seven of them uninhabited. To explore it, we only have an option of motorized wooden boats.

One of the goals in Takabonerate certainly Tinabo Big Island, treats the main attractions in this area. From a distance, a wooden pier, a row of palm islands, white sand as soft as flour and waving as if to immediately approach.

Clear water and soft corals that we can enjoy with the naked eye. No wonder Piotr Kordas was immediately tempted to try snorkeling in this place.

Compared to other islands, a new island that has been equipped lodging and post-run monitoring Takabonerate National Park just the Tinabo Besar Island. Departing from here, visitors can go to-22 point dive to explore the underwater panorama, including seeing sharks (Sphyrna spp) to grouper from close range.

Various activities are also prepared to fill the time, such as tree planting and transplanting corals. The beauty of this island can be enjoyed even by walking along the beach area of five hectares.

Tinabo Besar is an option if you want to drown yourself in the peace of the island. Visitors can take a tour package offered by Hall TN Takabonerate with tariff Rp 800,000 to Rp 1 million per day. This includes the cost of transportation from the Citadel to Tinabo, accommodation, meals, and delivery to the point of the dive. Some travel agents who managed foreign businessmen also offer a similar package, but certainly in the U.S. dollar exchange rate.

If you want a memorable vacation, stay at home everyday people to explore and Bajoe Bugis who settled on the island. Some islands are usually visited by tourists are the Island and Island Rajuni Jinato.

Jinato island inhabited by 1327 the majority of residents work as fishermen. This place also hosts the Festival Takabonerate. Residents receive visitors who come to stay in their homes. At leisure, you can mingle with people who will be happy to serve coffee or tea.


Takabonerate do require travel to struggle and patience. Limited facilities and infrastructure, such as fresh water, resort, and telecommunications signals on the island is a challenge to develop tourism. Ships as the only mainstay for Takabonerate to be hired at a cost of Rp 2 million. Because there is no regular shipping.

Long and expensive journey sometimes makes tourists prefer traveling in Selayar no less seductive. Selayar east coast, for example, is known as a diving point dive junkies.

Jowvy Kumala (41), employees of telecommunications companies in Makassar, took a dive on the east coast prior to Takabonerate. "Its Biota is interesting because a lot of big fish. Feeling at home the fish could see the white shark fins and fish bumphead close, "said the woman who had to dive in Bunaken National Park and the Raja Ampat.

Tourism in Selayar can be solace for those who failed went to Takabonerate. This is the mission that was carried at least the local government. "To build a marine tourism, we started from because for the first Selayar Takabonerate is difficult," said Regent Selayar Syahrir Wahab.

In Selayar, do not forget to buy emping, one of domestic food in Takabonerate. Then, when returning to Bulukumba is time to stop at Bira Peninsula (known as a center for pinisi boat building). In this area are also available pinisi miniatures.

With emping, pinisi miniature, and shipping certainly it is hard to forget the sensation Selayar and surrounding areas.

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