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Lawang Sewu Sensation Night Tour!

Lawang Sewu is a building in Semarang, Central Java, which is the office of the Nederlands-Indische Maatschappij Spoorweg or NIS. Built in 1904 and completed in 1907. Tugu Muda is located at the first roundabout called Wilhelmina Plein.

Local people call it Lawang Sewu (Thousand Door). This is because the building has a lot of doors (in fact the door that there was not until a thousand, maybe also because the window height and width of this building, people also consider it as a door).

Ancient buildings and stately two-story was used as an office after the independence of the Railway Bureau of Indonesia (DKARI) or now PT Kereta Api Indonesia. Also never been used as an Office Facility Board of the Regional Military Command (Kodam IV / Diponegoro) and Regional Office (Regional Office) Department of Transportation, Central Java. During the struggle of this building has its own historical record of events during a five-day battle in Semarang (14 October to 19 October 1945) in this old building became the location of a great battle between youth AMKA or Youth Train against Kempetai and Kidobutai, Japan. Therefore, Semarang City Government Mayor SK 650/50/1992, embodying Lawang Sewu as one of 102 ancient or historic buildings in the city of Semarang, which should be protected.

When this 181-year-old building is empty and notorious as a haunted buildings and spooky. Occasionally used as a place of exhibition, among them Expo.Pernah Semarang Tourism Expo and there is also a discourse that wants to turn it into a hotel. In 2007, the building was also used to film with the same title with the building.

For pic
The view from the lobby above, directly leading to the monument of Tugu Muda
It's in the twin towers who look if viewed from the outside ... who function as water channels.
Roof top ... the place where the mutilation and beheading of mass at the time of the building in occupied Japan.
Side of the building.
Still on the second floor .. just below the dance floor (dance floor is the only place that can not enter) the place of residence have Sewu star anise.
Road to go to jail and an underground tunnel used to test ... the Other World guts.Tp unfortunately, his access was closed, the stairs down in pieces.

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