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History of the Malay Archipelago Area Tourism Inaugurated

Today, Friday (12/09/2011), scheduled to be held the inauguration of the Malay Archipelago History Area Tourism (Sulalatus Salatin). The inauguration was marked by the unveiling History Area Tourism Samalanga Malay Archipelago.

The event was held on the initiative of the Foundation, chaired Tun Sri Lanang Pocut Haslinda Muda Hj In Azwar was supported by Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and Bireuen regency.

"Tomorrow (Friday) event will we precede in the District Samalanga, to the tomb of Tun Sri Lanang," said Regent Bireuen Nurdin Abdul Rahman in the closing day seminar persona Tun Sri Lanang at his official home on Thursday (12/08/2011) night.

In addition to inaugurate the Malay Archipelago History Area Tourism Samalanga, will also be traveling to the site Tun Sri Lanang in Samalanga, signing the inscription Salalatus Salatin, the Monument Pocut Meuligue, and pilgrimages to the tomb of Tun Sri Lanang.

"We as heirs also will submit a Letter of waqf land titles to the Regent Bireuen. One hectare land area," said Hj Pocut Haslinda to Kompas.com, Thursday night.

Pocut Haslinda said, in the land area of one hectare, among others, will also be built Library Tun Sri Lanang. "Laying the first stone will be made tomorrow (today) after the signing of the inscription," said Haslinda.

History Area Tourism inauguration Samalanga Malay Archipelago is a string of seminars on the persona Tun Sri Lanang Sejaran Two Nations in Indonesia and Malaysia held in Bireuen District Office on Thursday. In addition followed by participants from Indonesia, the seminar also presents speakers from Malaysia and Singapore.

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