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Selection of Exhibitors Indonesia Fashion Week 2012

The fashion industry is still ranked first in the creative economy industry in Indonesia. Recognizing the important role of the fashion industry in the national map trade and industry, Ministry of Industry gave its support in Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW 2012).

To enliven this fashion event, as many as 250 local fashion designers and entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises will get a subsidy from the Ministry of Industry to participate fill out a fashion show. Until now there are more than 200 participants who follow this selection process. Subsidies will be provided in the form of a free booth, which will normally be rented for Rp 13-14 million.

"The granting of these subsidies are part of our efforts to achieve the target growth of the fashion industry, namely by cooperating with related associations and providing greater opportunities for entrepreneurs fashion that we consider have the potential to move forward," said Euis Saedah, General Director of Small and Medium (HPI) of the Ministry of Industry, in the event exhibitors gathering at the Ministry of Industry, South Jakarta, Friday (12/16/2011).

Subsidies provided through the selection process conducted by the fashion advisor, amounting to 13 people, consisting of fashion observers and actors. The assessment is based on the value of local products, creativity, innovation, diversity, and quality products. Products to be displayed include the product ready to wear, wedding, and Kidswear. Thirteen judges who select the Retno Murti (fashion editor and entrepreneur), Amy Wirabudi (InStyle magazine's editor), Ardistia Dwiastri (designer), Moses Widyatmodjo (designer), Elvara Jandini (stylist), Chitra Subiyakto (fashion stylist Square Indonesia), Fikri Satari (businessman), Susan Budihardjo (designer), Ninuk Pambudy (Senior Editors Compass), Tuty Cholid (designer), Jetty R Hadi (Director of Arts and Culture Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium), Tini Sardadi (owner Art Kea) , and Irma Hadisurya (former Deputy Chief Editor of Femina magazine).

"IFW is the best tool for the fashion industry to grow and develop. Not only more than 400 fashion exhibition that will be the main attraction of this business, including buyers and retailers, but also a means of empowerment through seminars and workshops to be held for four days. Event it also features 31 fashion shows from hundreds of designers, "said Amy Wirabudi, Chairman of the IFW 2012.

The event is held on the initiative of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs (APPMI) and supported by ACT (the event organizer Compass Group of Scholastic Magazine). IFW will take place starting on February 23 to 26 2012.

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