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Indeed Bromo is Beautiful

Indeed Bromo is Beautiful

A boy who became a jockey horse rentals are waiting for tourists who will ride horses around Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java.

Bromo has a beautiful view. Enjoy this time in the Bromo’s sunrise that he is very interesting. There to go to the top it has to pass through the desert that is wide enough. But someone said all tired; tired of going to pay off when it reached the top. And for years there was a series of "supposed" to fill my mind when the name referred to Bromo Mount. Until that opportunity comes.

Late afternoon in early 2010 I started my journey to Bromo. I am not alone. There are 3 other colleagues who want to spend the holidays there early. But because the location of different places we lived determines the point where the points would be met. Although the actual one-way. I began the journey from the city while the third Tulungagung colleagues began the journey from Yogyakarta. Our meeting point is the junction agreed Brakan Kertosono area. This is where the meeting point of the South and West.

This is my first trip to Bromo. Given the limited information and in particular the time so we decided to use travel agents travel. Although there are pros and cons actually use these services. Three of my colleagues started to depart from Yogyakarta at 8 AM. If there is no significant obstruction at 2 pm had arrived in Kertosono. From the calculations that I decided to leave at noon so until 2 o'clock in the afternoon had arrived at the meeting point.

Inter-city buses in the provincial departments Surabaya take my trip. In normal conditions the trip from Tulungagung to Kertosono takes less than 2 hours. The bus drove through the streets in the city and turned northward toward the town of Kediri. When it entered the street the bus is usually traveling at a high enough. Passing the Old Hospital which is now the Health Department office Tulungagung, Detention, Rejoagung Stadium, and drove over the bridge Ngujang. Ngujang is quite familiar location for the residents and the surrounding Tulungagung. There are many things associated with this place starting from the grave china, petty localization to the existence of a supposedly flock monkey shit he says so. This is where sometimes there are people who perform rituals in hope of prosperity or the triumph of instant way.

The bus drove through the route Ngantru district, Kras District, District NGADILUWIH to enter the terminal town of Kediri. On the highway to this terminal on the right before the bridge exactly at the intersection of the square of this city know we can find the Great Mosque of Kediri. Regarding the mosque there is an interesting fact in this city. Most of the mosques here have a towering tower. The buses soon stopped at the terminal and proceed directly to Surabaya.

The drive from Kediri to Kertosono terminal does not take much. About half an hour I had already arrived in Kertosono. Total travel time I was more than a half hour. I mean come much more quickly than predicted. Until I had used the time to rest and start praying.

At a roadside stall I'm enjoying a cup of hot coffee and fried tape. Day was pretty hot even in black clouds started to cover. Of course I hope that despite the bad weather late afternoon sunny weather tomorrow morning. So I can get the photos interesting.

Wait is boring. Apparently travel that brings the three of my colleagues had not come. I also removed the shade at the edge of boredom mosque while talking with a seller meatball. Apparently there are many things that I got.

Nothing seemed time went on and the vehicle that carried my three friends arrived. Apparently 3 people besides my colleagues there are 3 more people. They have a young mother with two daughters. We also went on though the vehicle had stopped. We have to take another car.

Afternoon slowly began to change tonight. Vehicles kept going between the rainy streets. We crossed the Jombang, Mojokerto, Pasuruan, Probolinggo until later headed. When the vehicle Jombang city split on either side of the road appears red and white flag placed at half mast. Two days ago the New Year ahead of a son of the best people ever born in Jombang passed away.

The vehicle drove on the road to Probolinggo up in a vehicle travel agent stopped the program. We went down to check our tickets and receive a short briefing about tomorrow's sunrise tour. We were given a briefing on the location of temperature, time travel and where we will stay.

After all the debriefing is complete we continue the journey. This time used a different car. Field which we passed seemed too different. The road now began to climb. The journey takes approximately one hour to the villa where we would stay. Along the way I talked to many drivers who take us. Apparently they also offer tours to the crater of Ijen approximately 6 hours drive again.

Finally we arrived at the villa where we stayed. According to the briefing that we received this thing in the morning at about half 3 we would be woken. Jeep drive to the place where can see the sunrise. In front of a place to stay already lined up the trinkets seller. They sell the headgear and gloves. There is also offering to rent his jacket. Although time has not so late, I and the group decided to rest early. We want to be fresh tomorrow morning to enjoy this holiday.

Early in the morning the officer who would take us already was knocking on doors. We had to prepare the goods and equipment. The camera and all the equipment I have not missed entries. The seven of us ride in a jeep. Early in the morning we went mountain climbing. The day was quite a lot of visitors at this resort. It can be seen from the car that single-file like a snake. We did not get to the top. THE nearest car parking space must be stopped and the journey continued with the ride motorcycles, although it was not so far away.

After the ride motorcycles we continued on foot to the top of the mountain climbing. The cold stung enough already to greet us. It turned out that the above is that there are many people in droves to wait at sunrise. Sayapun find the most strategic locations where can i get a good picture.

After the break between the crowds I get a good enough position. I descended the slope and stood in an open place near a tent set up by a group of nature lovers. Well it's true those words from here I could see the smoke-covered Bromo. From here I can see the sun slowly appeared. Collect the yellow color of the small dots grew larger. I so enjoyed the first location of this Bromo tour.

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