Selasa, Mei 19, 2009

Rahwana VS Hanoman

The first of the show was about Rahwana and how he caught Shinta. She struggled hard but she could not escape from him. Then came the fight between Rahwana and the big bird Jatayu. It was a really big bird. Its two wings move up and down all of the time during the fight. But Rahwana was much stronger than the bird and won the fight. He than carried Shinta to his place.

Rama was of course very sad. He than sent Hanuman, the great white monkey warrior, to Rahwana’s place to give his ring to Shinta.

When Indrajit, one of Rahwana’s warrior, caught Hanuman and tried to burn him on a pile of wood, the white monkey jumped out of the fire unhurt.

Hanuman than burned down the Rahwana’s place. The gamelan played loudly and quickly. The fire made everything red and Hanuman danced proudly.

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