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Radya Pustaka Museum - Surakarta - Indonesia

Radya Pustaka Museum was built on October 28th, 1980 by Kanjeng Adipati Sosrodiningrat IV, all through the reign of Pepatih Dalem Pakubowono IX and Pakubowono X. It is located on Jalan Slamet Riyadi, lone of the foremost streets in Solo, in the Sriwedari Cultural and City Park, Surakarta.

To produce appreciation of the inventor of the museum, the Board of Paheman Radya Pustaka gives the first name of the eastern building the same as him. The building east of the museum was named WALIDYASANA, combination of the terms Walidi and Asana (place). This ground is bought by Sri Susuhunan Paku Buwana X worth of 65 thousand Dutch gulden from Johanes Busselaar under deed 13/VII thumbs down. 10 in 1877 tanaheigendom. To produce appreciation pro K.R.A. Sosrodingrat IV, the board made his effigy placed in the midpoint of the museum, which was formerly renowned as Loji Kadipolo.

The museum stored collection of ancient objects with the intention of be inflicted with a regard of distinguished art and history, such as marble and bust statues of Hindu and Buddhist era, ccollections of ancient keris (traditional Javanese weapon) and a variety of other traditional weapons, a fit of gamelan (traditional Javanese musical instrument), wayang kulit and wayang beber (traditional Javanese puppets), a collection of ceramics and other various art items. These items are gained from Kasunanan Palace, Kepatihan, GPH Hadiwijaya, donations and by purchasing.

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