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Is True Borobudur Temple Heritage of Solomon?

Read the title beyond, certainly many citizens who would frowned, as a sign of disbelief. Clothed in verity, it might as well with you. Therefore, the Prophet Solomon was a envoy of God certain privilege to his capability to conquer all of God's creatures, together with wind power is subject matter to the say-so of Allah. Clothed in verity, birds and the genie every time act upon Solomon.

According to Sami bin Abdullah al-Maghluts, in his put your name down for diagram History of Prophets and Messengers, Prophet Solomon estimated to live in the 9th century BC (989-931 BC), or not far off from 3,000 years before. Meanwhile, the Borobudur Temple as it is in black and white in diverse books of nationwide history, founded by the line line by the side of the last part of the 8th century AD, or not far off from 1,200 years before. Therefore, it is natural with the aim of many citizens who might laugh wryly, laughing, and shaking his head whilst acknowledged with the aim of Borobudur Temple was founded by the Prophet Solomon.

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple. Adjacent to the temple of Borobudur is Pawon and Mendut. A a small number of kilometers from Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple near, Kalasan, Candi Sari, Plaosan, and others. The temples close to Prambanan is a Buddhist temple with the aim of was founded around the time 772 and 778 AD.

So, pardon? To resolve with Solomon? Is it factual with the aim of Borobudur Temple is a relic of the Prophet Solomon and the lofty lofty? What is the evidence? Is it factual with the aim of near are traces of Islam in the chief Buddhist temple? Of classes need to study thorough and have to do with all parties to corroborate the validity and truth.

However, if the beyond questions locate to the KH Fahmi Basya, the Islamic mathematician will answer it; factual. Borobudur is a relic of Prophet Solomon with the aim of exist in the soil of Java.

Clothed in his put your name down for, Islamic Mathematics 3 (Republika, 2009), KH Fahmi Basya mentioned selected characteristics of Borobudur temple which happen to evident as a heritage the son of David. Among them, the forest or the soil of Saba, Saba connotation, the refer to of Solomon, the bitter fruit maja, elimination of the palace the Queen of Saba to Solomon's territory, buildings with the aim of are not resolved by the genie, the gathering place of the Queen of Saba, and others.

Clothed in the Qur'an, the story of Prophet Solomon and the Queen of Saba is mentioned in surah An-Naml [27]: 15-44, Saba [34]: 12-16, al-Anbiya [21]: 78-81, and others. Of classes, many resolve not believe whilst Borobudur is a heritage of Solomon.

Among the reasons, as Solomon lived in the 10th century BC, while Borobudur was built in the 8th century AD. Then, according to many parties, measures and story of Solomon's event in the Palestinian territories, and Saba in southern Yemen, while the Borobudur in Indonesia.

Of classes this creates curiosity. Moreover, KH Fahmi Basya reveal the evidence based on the testimony of the Koran. Then, pardon? If legally binding impermeable of Borobudur is lasting Solomon or building construction is a expertise Solomon?

According to Fahmi Basya, and as a writer find out through the existing reliefs, indeed near are selected symbols, which is impressive and is identical with the story of Solomon and the Queen of Saba, as a account of the Koran. The basic is not far off from the ark, a box or chest which contains the heritage of David to Solomon AS. Perhaps, in it near is the put your name down for of Psalms, the Torah, and the level of Moses, and allot harmony. On the reliefs limited in Borobudur, was a chest or ark was guarded by someone.

"And their Prophet thought unto them: 'Surely a sign he will happen to king, is the return of the ark to you, in it near is serenity from your lady and the have a break of the dynasty heritage of Moses and the dynasty of Aaron; ark was passed by the angels. Verily in this near is a sign in place of you, if ye who believe '. "(Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 248).

Second, the job is not finished whilst the genie who know Solomon had died. (Surah Saba [34]: 14). When to know Solomon's death, the genie had to bring to a halt toil. At Borobudur, near are unfinished figure complete. The figurine is called the Unfinished Solomon.

Third, the genie was well thought-out to build tall buildings and making sculptures. (Surah Saba [34]: 13). While is famous, near are many Buddha statues by the side of Borobudur. While a prohibitive building or buildings with the aim of are Prambanan temple.

Fourth, Solomon spoke with the birds and animals. (Surat An-Naml [27]: 20-22). There was besides relief. Clothed in verity, the reliefs of Borobudur is motivated by a quantity of frame rate and birds. There are besides a quantity of reliefs of other animals, like elephants, horses, pigs, dogs, monkeys, and others.

Fifth, the story of the Queen of Saba and the citizens who worship the sun and bowing to fellow soul beings. (Surat An-Naml [27]: 22). According to Fahmi Basya, Saba channel the gathering or gathering place. Hud-hud bird squeezing out of Saba, for the reason that birds resolve not know the refer to of the area. "Never mind the birds, humans solitary whilst it is beyond the jet, will not know the refer to of a city or terrain," he explains. Added Fahmi Basya, soul gathering place with the aim of is by the side of Ratu Boko Temple which is located not far off from 36 kilometers from Borobudur. This distance besides allows the bird to travel in a single air travel.

Sixth, Saba is in Indonesia, namely Wonosobo. Clothed in the Qur'an, Saba area wild with trees with the aim of very much. (Surah Saba [34]: 15). Clothed in Ancient Jawi language dictionary, compiled by Dr Maharsi, the word 'Wana' connotation forest. So, according to Fahmi, wana saba or Wonosobo is a forest of Saba.

Seventh, the fruit of 'maja' bitter. When the lofty flood (Sail al-Arim) befall the region of Saba, the trees around him happen to bitter as the punishment of God to folks who deny his revelations. "But, they go away, We bring to them the lofty flood [1236] and we restore them with two flash plot is wild plot (the trees), bitter fruit, trees and a crumb of tree Atsl Sidr." (Surah Saba [34 ]: 16).

Eighth, the refer to of Solomon refers to this as the refer to of the Javanese. Prefix word 'su'merupakan Java names. And, Solomon is the solitary prophets and apostles with the aim of 25 citizens, whose names introduction with 'Su'. Ninth, Solomon sent a note to the Queen of Saba through bird Hud-hud. "Go ye to bring this note." (Surah An-Naml [27]: 28). The minister thought the note was in black and white on gold plates as a form of wealth of the Prophet Solomon. He added with the aim of the note was found in a pond by the side of the Temple of Queen Boko.

Tenth, the building is low (Sidrin qalil). See Sura Saba [34] 16). The buildings are low it is a region Queen Boko Temple. And near are a quantity of stupas who live a little. "This proves with the aim of the palace of Queen Boko Palace is the Queen of Saba, who was transferred by order of Solomon," thought Fahmi asserted.

Besides the evidence beyond, he added, near are many more other evidence viewing with the aim of the story of the Queen of Saba and Solomon event in Indonesia. While the Monsoon winds blowing from Asia and Australia (Surah Saba [34]: 12), the story of a lost or enthused palace, Queen Bilqis dialogue with the princes whilst he traditional a note Sulaiman (Surat An-Naml [27]: 32), refer to Sleman District, Subdistrict Salaman, Village Salam, and others. With the evidence beyond, Fahmi Basya believe with the aim of Borobudur is a heritage of Solomon. What not far off from the readers? Only God knows. Allaah knows superlative.

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