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Indonesian Batik Design Competition degree in American

NEW YORK (AFP) - Representatives of the Government of Indonesia in the United States will hold a batik design competition which will be followed by U.S. citizens in an effort to further popularize the land of Uncle Sam's batik, batik Indonesia following the enactment of cultural heritage as not-world objects by UNESCO last year.

According to information compiled by Reuters in New York on Monday, the competition was initiated by Ambassador to the U.S., Dino Patti Djalal, it will be hosted by the Consulate General in New York, Consulate General Los Angeles Consulate General in Houston, Consulate General Chicago Consulate General in San Francisco and under the coordination of the Embassy Affairs in Washington DC.

The competition will start as did the launch by the respective representative office at the U.S. RI in April-May 2011.

After the launch, all U.S. citizens in America are at least 16 years old can already send them to the batik design competition committee.

According to the Embassy in Washington DC, the target of this competition is among students or graduates of art schools and design, especially textile designs that exist in the U.S..

The competition jury will consist of experts in batik, Indonesia and American fashion designers, as well as figures of textile and clothing industries of both countries - are expected to buy a portfolio interest in winning the competition to be mass produced and sold in the U.S..

In addition to prize money, batik competition will also give opportunity to the three winners to follow the "tour batik" to Indonesia as well as exhibiting in Indonesia.

Announcement of winners of the competition itself will be held in San Francisco in November 2011.

Before determining the winners, the organizers at the semifinal stage will select 50 works best batik design, which will then be showcased on the activities of Indonesian Festival June 9, 2011.

There is also the final stage, the organizers chose 20 participants with the best design that will be invited to attend training on batik.

Competition titled "American Batik Design Competition" was organized through cooperation with non-governmental organization that focuses activities on efforts to provide education to the world of Asia, The Asia Society, and sponsored by a number of large American companies and Indonesia, among others, PT. Freeport Indonesia, Chevron, PT. Garuda Indonesia, Pertamina, and Caterpillar.

Meanwhile, according to The Asia Society, the launch of the "American Batik Design Competition" in Washington DC will be held on April 8 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.

The launching will also be filled with a batik exhibition, presentation of Indonesian food, cultural performances and fashion show by designer Denny Wirawan.

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